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Welcome to The Assembly of CEH –

a non-profit spiritual association
helping you expand your consciousness.

This website is the home of the founders of Laser Reiki Energy Healing. You will find extensive information about Laser Reiki (an advanced Energy Healing process) on this website but it is assumed you are somewhat familiar with Reiki and becoming a Reiki Master. Maybe you have had the opportunity to experience the bliss of Reiki before. Either way, you have come to the right place.

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I know many of you have been trained in conventional Reiki and, of course, in a multitude of other healing modalities.

BROCHURE Laser Reiki 2017

Add Laser Reiki to your personal tool box and up your effectiveness and ability to quickly get to the bottom of someone’s problems (or your own problems) almost instantly. You will have more simple and rapid ways to fix the problems by eliminating the energy blockages.

Being able to push the “delete button” on chronic pain and other stuff is a priceless skill.

Remember, this is 6 days of working on yourself and others; also being worked on by the founding masters.

There’s no prior healing training required to excel in LR.  Anybody can do it!

It just takes a few days training and practice where you immediately see amazing results.

What will you learn to do in the basic Laser Reiki 6-Day Workshop?
1)   Clearing dogmas
2)   How to increase your intuition
3)   Remove:
a)   Stress & Anxiety
b)   Anger
c)   Tension & Worry
4)    Heal Chronic Pain.
5)   Improve your life and the lives of others:
a)   Heal your money problems.
b)   Improve your relationships with spouse, friends, boss, co-workers, kids, parents, etc.
c)   Have more vitality.
d)   Clear problems from the past, present and future.
e)   Feel more freedom!
f)    Get more understanding of what life’s all about.

These Laser Reiki workshops don’t happen often – so make your plans.  Link to go to the Laser Reiki 2 weeks basic workshop – Level 1-4.   <<<  Click  Or  the monthly Laser Reiki workshops for 6 month schedule!

 >>> The Laser Reiki Discovery <<<

 The movie “The Matrix“,  illustrates the idea that we may never realize what really controls our ideas, thoughts and life.  Those who have seen the movie might realize that healing your life, expanding consciousness and changing your reality might be a lot magical with Laser Reiki.

Energy Healing Can Make your Life Easier

  • Quickly releasing deep muscle pains, back pains and headaches! Saves years of traditional work and money.
  • Learn how to help your family, friends, clients, plants and animals! (with the plants and animals … there are no placebo effects possible!)
  • Become more attractive… You will glow with an inner beauty by releasing negative thought energy that weighs you down. Everybody will want to be with you when you are lighter.
  • Find happiness and more reasons for living (A direct connection to Source Energy makes you feel better and radiate that loving energy!)
  • End Depression, stress, anxiety, tension, sadness, regret, shame, anger, etc., by releasing their root causes.
  • It’s quick… Often 2-3 sessions can compare with the results from 3-10 years on the couch. Many times psychoanalysis never resolves the hidden problems, but brings up the pains over and over. Laser Reiki even works equally well with name-brand physical dis-eases. All diseases have a root cause that can be released even if they are the so-called “incurables.” If this and the rest interests you, read on…

These techniques are easy to learn. Start feeling better and enjoying life again! Having control over what happens to you… makes your life a lot more fun!

You become bigger that the problems and therefore they are tiny pebbles on your path.

If you are interested in learning more about releasing pain and increasing joy in your life… you’ve come to the right place! To learn more and find out how Laser Reiki was discovered click here. >>> The Laser Reiki Discovery <<<

We teach all levels of Traditional Reiki starting with the basic 3, then the more advanced Laser Reiki which is 4 weekend classes (at times we may teach this 1-4 in a week) as well as Cosmic Energetic Healing. We have other advanced levels 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 also available for current Laser Reiki Masters.

If you are a traditional Reiki Master, there is much available for you, too and the upgrade is pretty easy. Everyone is invited to take Laser Reiki! There are no prerequisites to take the training.

Please take your time and explore our website.

Feel free to contact us, Taylore  & Roi  if you have any questions at all. Tel. 360-748-4426.

Enjoy your stay… Namaste!

6 Responses to About Laser Reiki Energy Healing

  1. Violet Turlington says:

    I see you have upcoming classes of Laser Reiki. I need something more than the Reiki 123 I took-I still experience too much pain.

    I wonder if this would help and I would like to know how much it costs. I’m going to The Seabeck Mediumship Retreat this month. That might be all I can handle for one month. ahh a vacation of connecting!!

    ANSWER: Reiki 123 is really nice, but Laser Reiki is awesome and there are many Instant Pain Release cases, even neck surgeries avoided because the pain was really from a past life. Since all time and space is HAPPENING NOW then other lifetime trauma can slip into this lifetime. Even stuff you saw in a movie or read in a book can appear in your life – right this minute! Laser Reiki is a great healing tool, simple and quick!

  2. Scott Webb says:

    Have been a Reiki Master for over 15 years want more , different ways of experiencing energy flow also Medical Massage Therapist for over 25 years work with people in pain want to help.

    Scott Webb

    • Reiki Ranch says:

      In a Laser Reiki Workshop – Discover the Answers to:
      1. Who Am I?
      2. What Am I Here For?
      3. How Can I Have More Happiness?
      4. How can I be the Master in control of my life and help others do the same?

  3. when is the next laser Reiki available…?
    what is the most compressed way it can be taken?
    I have a schedule that I work for 2 weeks than am off for 10 days..
    please advise..

  4. Pamela Ritz says:

    Hello Taylore and Roi. It has been at least a year or so since I completed Reiki 1, 2, and 3. I’ve just been upmost of the night reading the book Taylore gave me…Bouncing Back-thriving in changing times. It is 4 am when I read Taylore’s story…Unique Way to Work with the Mind so There is No Back Talk. I love reading your story. I had started reading the book a longtime ago but put it down and life went on. I have thought of you often during the last year and have wanted to come down to revisit classes, especially Level 3. Also, I’m still interested in completing Laser Reiki. Please let me know when the Laser Reiki class is scheduled to begin as your LASER Reiki Web site shows 2016 and Spring 2017 dates. Also, coming back down to participate in a Level 3 class. I’m hoping to renew my passion for Reiki. I’ve been taking Thai Yoga Massage classes in Seattle since last September and still have two more classes to complete for certification which probably will not happen until next year due to my instructor’s class schedules.
    Thank you
    Pam Ritz

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