Do we have to die to go to heaven?

You will start feeling younger and happier. We have been given the key to immortality.
We can be a free as a child and light as a fish in water. (The kid is outside the aquarium.)
On another front — do we have to die to go to heaven? Is death mandatory?
“When death does come, it releases the weight of gravity and temporarily frees the soul from earth. But it does not change the vibration of consciousness from the human level. There is no escape from the vibration of yourself except by practiced change of thoughts and feelings.” __from “The Door Of Everything” by Ruby Nelson….
If you can educate your surface mind while still living in the body… then you do not have to die the body, ever! Can you also  become a Christ — as Jesus said we could?  Can you go through the Door? (like a few others have done!)
We have been programmed to think, “You grow old and die.” By buying into this social consciousness and passing it on to your children you are part of the problem! — The body gets sick or it ages and dies! — This is not the way to become a whole/complete God conscious Being…. You need a blue print to follow! And you have free will to figure this out for yourself.
And *you go through the Door Of Everything* while still alive — not waiting until you die! What makes you think that a person gets any smarter or becomes an angel when they die?
Who told you that death was the way to graduate from here?
The caterpillar does not die; it is transformed into the butterfly. If someone had stepped on the caterpillar, it would have to be born again as a caterpillar to become the butterfly.
Is there also a way to transform the human body into a Grand Cosmic Being? Is this worth reading a small book? … The Door Of Everything costs about $10 on
Earth is your launching point! Not the place to die! Death is not ascension! You do not die the body to become a higher being! (I read in the Life and teachings of the Masters of the Far East by Baird Spalding of a lady who is 400 years old still looking 20 years old, still enjoying teaching and living a good life!)
How good is this? What else is possible?  Use Laser Reiki to change your reality!
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    You can do this Reiki Energy healing! It is natural and easy!

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