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Laser Reiki Energy Healing Workshops

Laser Reiki level 1-4. Six months energy healing Workshop – one weekend a month. Next class Starts: November 5th-6th, 2016 and runs for 6 months Special $999.00 when booked ahead of event (Regular $2500.00) PayPal button: Laser Reiki Weekend Series … Continue reading

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Laser Reiki is a Facebook Page! Please Like us…

We can reach even more people with the Laser Reiki Facebook pages… Learn energy healing, have a happier life, associate with other energy healers. Support your happiness! Have fun and be healthy! https://www.facebook.com/laserreiki  Like this page! Also please add Taylore … Continue reading

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Testimonials about Laser Reiki and Energy Healing Modalities

What is this Energy Healing all about? Is there really energy medicine? Your connection to Source and clearing the energy blocks makes your life happier, healthier and pain free! You might ask, “How can it help me?” What if you … Continue reading

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How To Clear Negative Thoughts

We have found a way to defrag the negative emotions in a person with Laser Reiki — just like a computer expert will defrag the virus in a computer. Dark thoughts, stuck emotions, past hurts, regrets, anger, blame, sadness, jealousy, … Continue reading

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Summer question: Can you be in the present moment?

How was your summer? Did you have some quality time to yourself? What kind of  high awareness moment did you experience this summer? Big things are happening on the inner (invisible) realms. Are you seeing or felling it? Are you … Continue reading

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We Learned How to Manifest! Can we help you?

What could you could learn  from a couple who manifested the Reiki Ranch from nothing? We Learned How to Manifest (bring things into you life) using the Law of Attraction along with the Reiki Energy! How about you? What have … Continue reading

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