Student Programs – Work/Study Available

Work/Study Programs are available if you are short on funds and long on free time

Limited work/study positions — you trade your labor for energy healing classes.  You might want to consider this program where a student will pay off part of the class and work their hours at the Ranch- helping maintenance on the school projects, grounds and other buildings. The work-study is almost like a seminar itself – the Reiki Ranch grounds are very spiritual.

Students come and stay several days at a time at the school helping with yard maintenance, pruning of fruit trees, landscaping, building hiking trails, painting, writing articles, computer work, etc. You will receive credit of one hour of class time for every 2 hours worked. Energy here is great. The property is owned by the non profit association and it is totally dedicated to the improvement of humanity and helping folks have a better connection to source energy. Some weekends are booked for other activities. Midweek is best, but it pays to plan ahead and let us know.

Please complete the work well in advance of the classes you want to take. You are welcome to come down and stay in the dormitory while you work at the Ranch toward a Reiki healing class. You must complete the work/trade before the class starts. You can come and spend several days to do your work — there by saving the commuting gas.  That is something to consider. You and a friend can come together.

Our classes are very fast and the energy healing techniques are explained and them immediately practiced with the miraculous results immediately felt and experienced by the healee.

In class we form a team – a master mind consciousness that heals each student and works to help them achieve their goals. This is especially true for the 4-day Laser Reiki workshop!

You cannot work on the grounds while you are in class! You have to be in class 100% of the time or you will miss procedures taught and practiced. The classes are centered around the student – you!  Your goals, dreams, desires! You make yourself important by giving yourself undivided time and attention to heal yourself!


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