Laser Reiki for Practitioners

Practitioners around the world are aware that in order to compete and thrive they must constantly be open to new educational opportunities to expand their level of service adding value to their practice.

Increasingly practitioners in a variety of the healing arts seek out Laser Reiki as an extension of services available to their clients.

Practitioners Who Benefit from Laser Reiki

laser-reiki-medical-doctors-nurses-practitionersAll disciplines are enhanced with Laser Reiki including acupuncture, healing hands, reflexology, homeopathy, medicine, psychotherapy, clinical psychology and holistic medicine.

Doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, psychologists, massage therapists, therapists have the ability to add the Instant Pain Release of Laser Reiki as a holistic alternative for medical professionals and your Laser Reiki training is eligible for CEU (Continuing Education Unit) credits.

Holistic medical professionals embrace Laser Reiki’s unique array of healing systems bridging the gap between physical and metaphysical realms.

What is Laser Reiki?

laser-reiki-cosmic-energetic-healingWhile traditional Reiki is a natural way to let Universal healing energy flow through the body and heal others via touch, Laser Reiki is the secret advanced form of Reiki used by leading edge energy workers and light workers who enjoy the benefits of wielding a method that is hundreds of times quicker and more effective than standard Reiki.

Laser Reiki is at least a 6th dimensional (and/or higher) form of healing energy. (See: How does Laser Reiki differ from traditional Reiki?)

Benefits of Laser Reiki

Clients’ lives are radically transformed as health and healing are dramatically increased as Laser Reiki is administered affecting lives in the areas of love, romance, marriage, peace of mind, inner confidence, creativity, personal and spiritual growth.

Not being limited to traditional treatment models, Laser Reiki enhances psychology, overall wellbeing, brain health, innate skills, career and professional enhancement promoting prosperity in each individual.

Patients exposed to Laser Reiki not only experience the Instant Pain Release but also enjoy a greater awareness, spiritual awakening, expansion of consciousness, increased intuition and psychic sensitivity.

This increased quality of life promotes wellness in the mind, the body and the spirit benefiting family dynamics and relationships.

Laser Reiki Instructors

Your educators, Taylor Vance and Roi Richards provide educational opportunities for leading edge medical practitioners, metaphysical leaders, ministries and schools.

Laser Reiki is an excellent resource for individuals, couples, families and holistic healers.

Other Disciplines

Metaphysical, New Age, and New Thought movements embrace the Laser Reiki modality to expand their adult education programs for individuals seeking spiritual growth and cosmic consciousness.

Psychic Laser Reiki training is also available for teachers, spiritual and holistic healers, intuitive practitioners, ministers, pastoral counselors, past-life regression facilitators and mediums.

Other students of Laser Reiki include coaches, positive thinking instructors, self-help teachers, meditation leaders, astrologers, spirit mediums, channels, psychics, mystics and yogis.

Do I need to be a Reiki Master?

No prior experience or training in Reiki is required for Laser Reiki attunements. Your Laser Reiki training includes Reiki Master attunement(s).

Contact us for more information about upcoming Seminars and Classes.

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