How To Clear Negative Thoughts

We have found a way to defrag the negative emotions in a person with Laser Reiki — just like a computer expert will defrag the virus in a computer.

Dark thoughts, stuck emotions, past hurts, regrets, anger, blame, sadness, jealousy, frustration, depression, etc. act like a computer virus for the mind.

These blockages can be energetically cleared and the client feels much better and lighter.

Question:  Is this treatment lasting? Will the problem come back?

Answer: Once the blockage is cleared, it is gone! It will never come back. Maybe another dark energy will appear to be cleared, but the original one is gone for good!

Question: Is it really possible to have instant pain release?

Answer:  Yes!  Low energy causes pain. Once the energy blockages are releases, destroyed, reprogrammed, then the energy flow in a person’s body is higher and the pain is no longer there.

Thoughts from Tom Murasso who is on Facebook for the Law of Attraction:

Lighten up.

Have fun with it!

Challenge no one about anything.

If somebody is screaming in your face that you’re wrong, say to them, “You’re probably right”

… If somebody says, the world is coming to an end, say to them “Maybe, but aren’t we having a good time, today?”

… If somebody says, “There is a disease running rampant and it’s going to sweep across the Earth and it’s going to kill all of us”, say, “I don’t believe that is possible – because I know that Well being abounds… I don’t believe that anything that is bad could over take over all this that is good. It is illogical… Well-Being abounds

… Oh, I think there are pockets where people have focused and caused a sort of shadow that is disallowing the Well-Being. I don’t disagree with you there.

I think there are places where Well-Being is not being allowed – but I think it is minuscule in comparison with the Well-Being.”
– Abraham-Hicks –

PS from us at the Reiki Ranch:  Happy, happy, happy — appreciation, gratitude , thank you, joy, fun, play, Love, Praise, and open to receive even more!

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