How to clean your mental house to feel better now!

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How to clean your mental house to feel better! Two steps
So your body is getting more fit, your diet has improved, but there’s still that piece of your mind that remains cluttered.
1)  Most people have bad mental hygiene and don’t know it. It is like some people have bad luck and they don’t know they caused it at some level. The run-away-mind creates many problems in life because it causes a person to experience those bad pictures.  The mind is thinking; the mind is creating. What you visualize you will experience. Does your mind make negative pictures or thoughts? Are these wanted or unwanted? Are you thinking correctly for where you want to go? These pictures/thoughts can be changed and only you have the power to do it. You are not your body, not your mind and you are not your thoughts. You are the one behind the scenes who controls your body, mind and thoughts.
When I have a negative thought or picture in my mind, I say, “Thank you for sharing! But that is not who I am. I’m not going there!” I then ASK this question, “How much better does it get? What else is possible?” (Important note — do not try to answer this question yourself!)
2)  You may be proud of your great intellect and your overpowering intelligence. You can easily win in arguments, discussions and debates. If you are a “know it all” then there is no room for your spirit to help you. Giving all your power to the intellect will stop spiritual progress.  The high Ego is pretty much the same thing. People will avoid you and want to spend their time with others who are more easy going people. Toning down the Ego and being a less of know-it-all will increase your friendships and allow your real nature to come out. What if there was a Grand Cosmic Being inside you? Give It room to grow and expand!
It would be great to get your head on straight. It’s easy to improve your mental health, and you’ve already taken the first step by looking into this article. Remember, it all starts from within, and you really are the controller.
     Your subconscious mind is the storehouse of memory, the seat of habit and instinct; it is also the center of emotion and its action is automatic. The subconscious is that marvelous phase of your mind that brings things into existence by the sheer power of thought. It is the spiritual part of us and through it we are connected with the Divine and brought into relation with Infinite constructive forces of the universe.
     The subconscious mind not only possesses the power and knowledge to build and repair your body; it is part of the Universal Mind and has Infinite resources at its command.      page 18, Ch 4, The Key To Yourself and Golden Keys to a Lifetime of Living by Venice J. Bloodworth ©2012

Ask for the real you to step out.  Go within and consistently Ask for Help …and you will get it!

 Next time we’ll discuss how holding on to grudges and past life influences rob you of peace and harmony.
Energy Healing Classes also help you by connecting you to the Infinite within you. Your connection is increased by about 20% with each level of Reiki that you take.
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