How to Live Longer & Feel Good Now

Let’s Jump Right In 
What are people wanting?
Do you want to feel better? At least 99% of people want to feel good now.
People want their bodies to feel good and their minds to be peaceful.
Feel Good! Look good! Look attractive! Have others look at you and say, “Wow! You’re looking good!”
How about being free from worry? Do you want freedom?
If you are getting older you might be worried about the future.
Are You Worried About Getting older? Worried about Having enough money? Wanting to feel secure?
Or if you are younger  — then you might have worries about your parents and grand parents?
We used to live 800 years — what happened?
Does the number of years you are alive really cause aging?
How to Live Longer & Feel Better…
What if you started now looking for ways to keep your body younger? It is your physical vehicle you wear to live on earth. And it is part of God. Let’s take better care of it. It needs you to love it, too.
Eating healthy foods and thinking positive thoughts are a good start. There are many alternative remedies which used to be the way of life: eating more fruits and vegetables, eating organic, making green food smoothies with Stabilized Greens ( — 1 tablespoon is like eating basket full of greens. Next, stop drinking sugar drinks, taking aspartame, avoid artificial stuff, chemicals, MSG, GMO the “so called foods”, and stop eating non foods.
We need to clear our energy and keep it clean. We can also keep our auras clean. Stuck energy makes us heavy and dark energy keeps us down.
Do energy clearings! Get rid of negative energy, curses, stop negative mind chatter, quit having to judge all, finding fault with others is a sickness, holding on to bad feelings, grudges, etc. keep us down.
Lighten up! Be like a small child again. Laser Reiki will help free up your energy so you will feel good again!
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