How To Clear Negative Thoughts

We have found a way to defrag the negative emotions in a person with Laser Reiki — just like a computer expert will defrag the virus in a computer.

Dark thoughts, stuck emotions, past hurts, regrets, anger, blame, sadness, jealousy, frustration, depression, etc. act like a computer virus for the mind.

These blockages can be energetically cleared and the client feels much better and lighter.

Question:  Is this treatment lasting? Will the problem come back?

Answer: Once the blockage is cleared, it is gone! It will never come back. Maybe another dark energy will appear to be cleared, but the original one is gone for good!

Question: Is it really possible to have instant pain release?

Answer:  Yes!  Low energy causes pain. Once the energy blockages are releases, destroyed, reprogrammed, then the energy flow in a person’s body is higher and the pain is no longer there.

Thoughts from Tom Murasso who is on Facebook for the Law of Attraction:

Lighten up.

Have fun with it!

Challenge no one about anything.

If somebody is screaming in your face that you’re wrong, say to them, “You’re probably right”

… If somebody says, the world is coming to an end, say to them “Maybe, but aren’t we having a good time, today?”

… If somebody says, “There is a disease running rampant and it’s going to sweep across the Earth and it’s going to kill all of us”, say, “I don’t believe that is possible – because I know that Well being abounds… I don’t believe that anything that is bad could over take over all this that is good. It is illogical… Well-Being abounds

… Oh, I think there are pockets where people have focused and caused a sort of shadow that is disallowing the Well-Being. I don’t disagree with you there.

I think there are places where Well-Being is not being allowed – but I think it is minuscule in comparison with the Well-Being.”
– Abraham-Hicks –

PS from us at the Reiki Ranch:  Happy, happy, happy — appreciation, gratitude , thank you, joy, fun, play, Love, Praise, and open to receive even more!

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How does Laser Reiki differ from Traditional Reiki?

     Traditional Reiki is the universal life force energy that flows out the hands of a practitioner.

Dr. Usui rediscovered Reiki after 20 years of researching

Dr. Usui rediscovered Reiki after 20 years of researching

The Japanese Doctor Usui who rediscovered Reiki is credited with its recent beginnings.

  1. It flows out of the hands as an even field of healing energy similar to someone sprinkling the lawn with a spray of water. The energy is applied to the entire body and also on the location of the pain.
  2. Traditional Reiki is the application of energy to mass (Reiki energy to body — mass.)
  3. There are three degrees to learning traditional Reiki: Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki III, which is the Reiki Master, level. These are taught here at the school for very reasonable prices. Reiki 1 is $35, Reiki 2 is $65 and Reiki 3 is $100.
  4. Traditional Reiki is considered 4th – 5th dimensional energy depending on the ability of the person using it.
  5. It may take 3 months or more of traditional Reiki treatments to heal the symptoms of asthma.

     Laser Reiki is the same loving energy, but it comes as a higher frequency
(from 6th dimensional energy) and it requires a precise spot for its application.

  1. It flows out the fingertips like a laser beam — hence the name.
  2. Laser Reiki heals the energy body – the 6th level.(Laser Reiki is using energy to energy.) It is the most efficient use of Reiki. With the energy body corrected for energy blockages, the flow of energy and the matrix of a perfect flow of energy are restored. Now, this new matrix will tell the physical body what to do – as above, so below! This is how instant healings can happen!
  3. It is applied to the meridian of the central nerve system (not nervous system — because we don’t want to encourage nervousness in the body.) In other words — it is applied to the vertical mid-line of a person. Laser Reiki is not applied to the area of the pain. It will, many times and instantly, remove the pain from the body. Those who feel energy always feel an uplifting feeling.
  4. After an attunement to Laser Reiki, the practitioners will be able to flow at least 6th dimensional healing energy and higher.
  5. There are 10 levels of Reiki training at the No. 1 Healing School. Basic Laser Reiki — includes levels 1-5 and all of its practical training is concentrated on Level 4 — Laser Reiki and Level 5 — Cosmic Energetic Healing.
  6. You learn to find the root cause of the dis-ease. It is usually an unresolved emotional issue called an energy blockage. Energy blockages can be found at the mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual, psychic, genetic or other levels including the past, present, future, parallel and other dimensional lives. It could bleed over from another “you” from your soul group or Your Circle of Being.
  7. The subconscious mind is used in LR and Cosmic Energetic Healing to find the exact location of the energy blockages. It keeps all our aches and pains in the correct location until released. The subconscious mind is very powerful, plus it has a wealth of information about your body – past, present and future. It operates in all levels of energy and consciousness.
  8. The practitioners of Laser Reiki are always clearing energy blockages in themselves so they can be a clear and pure channel to flow the higher levels of this healing energy.
  9. It may take 1 to 3 sessions to heal asthma symptoms with Laser Reiki and release the root cause of the underlying emotional problem. In only one session the client will notice a measurable improvement in the illness. Compare that to 30 to 40 treatments using traditional energy healing Reiki or other methods to achieve the same results. MD’s who only treat the symptoms may not ever clear the root cause of a disease.
  10. The Japanese doctor Usui who rediscovered how to pull energy from the cosmos didn’t dare publish all he’d found or he would have been labeled a nut case. We believe from the communication we’ve had with him that he knew a lot more that he released.

How are Traditional Reiki and Laser Reiki the same?

  • You are not using your own energy. You are using the universal energy — god force energy. It seems to know what to do to restore wellness to the body. The more clients you heal the better you feel.
  • Reiki practitioners do not take on any of the aliments, karma, diseases, illnesses, aches, pains or bad feelings from the client.
  • The more detached you are from the outcome, the better the client is healed. You can do remote healings (long distance healings.)
  • Reiki is a major healing modality in energy medicine, alternative healing, holistic health, hands of light, pain free, pain gone, Chinese energetic healing, Chi gong, chi, alternative health and wellness. (Some of these descriptions may be copyrighted.) Reiki is known worldwide.
  • These Reiki healing energies will do no harm to the client. (There could be a healing crisis or detoxification of the body, but that is natural. This can be mostly avoided in Laser Reiki by asking the body where to put the energy in to transmute the toxins. The toxins released will be changed to useful energies that the body needs for repair and rebuilding.)
  • It helps to be a clear channel to flow Reiki. Before healing others — Heal and clear yourself, clean your aura and align your energy to do only the highest good. Reiki and Laser Reiki heal on various levels of consciousness, such as: emotional, mental, spiritual, genetic and physical. Laser Reiki also heals past, present future, parallel and other dimensional lives using the subconscious mind to find the root cause of the disease or pain. It doesn’t matter where or when the root causes might be found, it is an easy task to complete with these advanced healing techniques.


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Summer question: Can you be in the present moment?

How was your summer?

Did you have some quality time to yourself?

What kind of  high awareness moment did you experience this summer? Big things are happening on the inner (invisible) realms. Are you seeing or felling it? Are you living in the now? Good things are happening!

Some say “present moment awareness” is so simple. Hummm? But the ego doesn’t like you to be in the present. You can see that the ego is pushing you out of Being in the present moment — to travel to some imaginary point in the future (as if the future will bring more happiness than anything could now) , or the ego is trying to fix things in the past (as if this is more important than being here in the now). Usually the past is full of anger, blame, remorse, regret, guilt, etc.

When you chose to have a few experiences in the Present Moment Reality is the end of the ego and end of illusion (worry, anxiety and fear.) The Ego knows when it is losing power, and will resist you staying present. Did you have a moment in time when you relaxed into Beingness?

How often are you  fully in the present moment?

Present moment awareness brings peace, joy, calm and sanity to your life. It exposes your ego and puts you in touch with your true self. Also you are not broken — there is nothing to fix! You just need to be present and then you will see the beauty within yourself.

Rhodie at the the Reiki Ranch

We had a great summer experimenting with the new live action water structuring water devices making the garden water alive and also we were adding more sheep barn compost to the organic garden. The Natural Action Structured Water Units are amazing.

Adding Compost to the Reiki Ranch garden

Adding Compost to the Reiki Ranch garden

Last year we added about $400 of sand to the garden. We had a dump truck load delivered. It took 2 days with the little Kubota front loader tractor to spread it (about 50 trips.) Thank God for Tom helping us.

We put too much sand in some places and the potatoes did not grow. The sand overall helped the garden because it was too much clay and too compacted. This year the soil was much looser and we could work the soil earlier (late spring time instead of a month later.) We’re in Washington State and the growing season is real short compared to southern states. We need to get the beds ready on time or we’ll miss part of the growing season. Our potatoes were waste high and made large hills of new organic potatoes.

  • You need to have loose soil with the correct amount of clay, sand, compost, organic material, minerals and rich loam
  • You have to start getting the growing beds ready before it is time to plant
  • It is a constant job of adding new compost every year
  • Your soil should be full of earth worms

We are having the best gardening summer ever. I told you two years ago that we were hanging bottles of Royal Liquid Manna  (oxygen charged water  – Tesla technology) in our cistern (the concrete pool of water that collects mountain springs that feed the Reiki Ranch water system.) That was an energetic leap to healthier plants and healthier bodies. And this year we have had an even bigger leap! The Natural Action Structured Water Units have made a large improvement in the gardens as well as in the house –  kitchen and shower.  The water is much softer and full of life force energy. Lots of people have removed their water softener treatment systems and are saving money now.

This year we are watering all plants with the natural Action Tech water structuring deices attached to the end of the watering hoses. The plants are loving all the alive water we are feeding them…   It is very good for people, too!

By drinking the Natural Action Structured Water ourselves and eating the vegetables we grow with all the attention we are giving the garden, I feel that our bodies are improving and getting stronger, too! We work hard on the ranch and have very few if any aches and pain. We might be becoming  even younger? We are doing energy clearings, blessing our food we eat, eating from the land, drinking structured water, relaxing the ego and focusing on Love, Light and expansion.

We have been reading about the Grand Cosmic Beings and Adam Abraham recently recorded a voice reading of The Door of Everything by Ruby Nelson.  Adam Abraham and Della Causey Hale stopped by the Ranch to visit us and stayed a few days this summer.  The recording is  here: Click ->  Could you be a Grand Cosmic Being? What would it take for you to start experiencing IT?

Some Reiki Ranch pictures below…

Flowers at the Reiki Ranch

Flowers at the Reiki Ranch

Looking toward the Reiki Ranch school

Looking toward the Reiki Ranch school

The Blue Jays are having a ball with the sunflowers at the Reiki Ranch

The Blue Jays are having a ball with the sunflowers

some kind of spaghetti squash that Yolanda planted at the Reiki Ranch

some kind of spaghetti squash that Yolanda planted

Reiki Ranch grows potatoes in the organic garden

One hill of potatoes from the garden


Our firewood for the winter

DSCN1360 DSCN1363 DSCN1370 DSCN1371

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We Learned How to Manifest! Can we help you?

What could you could learn  from a couple who manifested the Reiki Ranch from nothing?

We Learned How to Manifest (bring things into you life) using the Law of Attraction along with the Reiki Energy! How about you? What have you brought into being starting with nothing? (Well, we did not really start with nothing — we had the knowledge of the Law of Attraction  — and the power of Reiki!)  Knowledge will set you free!

We’re the people who manifested a $750,000 Reiki Ranch from zero — and we really had nothing to start with but desire:

  • We were living in the woods with no money
  • No credit
  • No job
  • No bank account for the 10 years prior and now we’re here!  (Sure we make payments, but who doesn’t!)

How did we do it? We had knowledge of the Law of Attraction!  We studied it like a college course.

What if your energy is aligned with personal power — like Reiki? Reiki helped us align the energy for success and clear emotional blockages so the Universe could bring forth the ranch.The Universe want to give you things!

When you have energy blockages everything is stuck. All your desires are like airplanes – circling the airport trying to find a place to land in your life! How can you clear these energy blockages so your dreams and desires can come to you?

There is a simple Laser Reiki procedure for quickly removing energy blockages so you can receive your dreams.

We also have a Free course for you! You may not think you can afford the Laser Reiki Courses… How can you not afford to walk in the path of an enlightened being where your dreams and goals come more easily? We have a Free Reiki 1 course


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Expand Your Life With Energy Healing / Energy Medicine


Reiki Ranch Energy Healing
We’ll help you…
Special on Energy Healing and Expanding Your Life

The reason most people feel so depressed these days is that their energy flow is clogged up and they are partially disconnected from the healing of Source Energy. When you are attuned to Reiki energy it increases your spiritual connection to the Source of All. You tap into pure love, pure compassion and pure joy. It’s a natural “high” without the drugs — and you don’t ever have to come down. High frequency is youth, long life and abundance. Low frequency is the media news, war, complaining, lamenting about past events, sadness, tiredness, sickness and disease.

Perk up your energy at the Laser Reiki 1-4 basic workshop! Four action-packed days on March 7-10 where you receive multiple healings each day. As you learn these simple, yet profound clearing and energy healing methods, you practice on yourself and others. You’ll see immediate improvements from the first day. Every Reiki class is different and unique. Your spiritual guides are shaping the workshops to meet your special needs and the needs of the others in class. It is amazing!Learn more today here.To register for Laser Reiki on March 7-10, email today.

What if there is more to your life than you know? What if everything up to today is just a minuscule part of what is actually available to you? You are one unique individual in the 7 billion of the world’s population. It used to be thought that only special people could do energy medicine. It turns out that all 7 billion of us are special and can flow the healing god energy. It has worked 100% for all those who have a clear determination to help themselves and others.

Low frequency in your body equates to lack, worry, stress and sickness. Higher frequency equals happiness, health, youth and abundance. Suffering is optional!

Imagine if your feelings are mapped out on the ends of a stick.

On one end of the stick is lack of money, missing the joys of an ideal relationship and lost opportunities.

On the other end of the stick is vibrant health, well-being, abundant opportunities, in love with life, companionship, and support, as well as, expanding your chances of experiencing financial rewards.

Which end of the stick do you prefer?

What pushes or pulls you in different directions on the path of life? We are consciousness and energy Beings! We can actually choose our paths.

Does the Universe support you? Or do you feel un-supported at the moment?

The elevator to success is not running; you must climb the stairs.
~ Zig Ziglar

So! What’s stopping you from receiving your share?

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.
~ Will Rogers

What if your life could be more fun than you can presently imagine?
What if you could feel good now when you think about any and all aspects of your life?

It’s a FACT… We aren’t taught how to be open to receive nature’s abundance as youngsters or in school. Instead we are taught, “You have to work hard if you want to get ahead. Life is hard. You have to have money to make money. You have to have a Ph.D. to get ahead. Life is not fair. The harder your work, the behinder you get.”We may have been taught that there is a shortage of everything we want, rather than unlimited abundance that is available in every facet of life. The trick is learning how to attract abundance now by clearing the path with energy medicine!Money is a result, wealth is a result, health is a result, illness is a result, your weight is a result. We live in a world of cause and effect.
~ T. Harv Eker
We can show you exactly how — you can easily arrive at a more purpose driven life with a good financial flow, your mind filled with inner peace, a phenomenal relationship, and even more joy.Some say, “Money isn’t important!” We see their point of view, however, it is the grease that makes most of the important things possible. T. Harv Eker answers that with, “If a person doesn’t think that money is important, then they won’t have any!” You will learn the spiritually correct way to attract money — enough money to enjoy the good life you’ve always wanted and complete those important goals.Where are you in your life? Where is your life working or not working?
Look at your life. Is it working 95% to 100% for you … or less than that?
On a scale of 1 to 10 how well is your life working for you?
Are you a 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 on the way to success, health and well-being?

If your numbers are lower than 8, 9, or 10 help is nearby — at the Reiki Ranch! In a 4-day intensive workshop you will have cleared these blockages. When you release the dark energies your success will soar to a new level! You can be a 10!

Do you feel that your life has been on a hit or miss course? Or, are you perfectly happy and content? If that is so, then read no more …

Could your life be better? Do you feel stuck?

Would you like to be:

  • Healthier and free of pain?
  • More abundant — have lots of positive choices?
  • Freer, happier, full of laughter, and fun?

Would you like to have:

  • A more purposeful life?
  • More clear goals?
  • A mission?
  • The feeling of being fulfilled? — Inside as well as outside? (Hint: Your outer life reflects what’s going on in your inner life.)

When your outer life is full of ups and downs, what does that tell you?

“That your inner life needs a house cleaning.” … and a Laser Reiki Weekend workshop guarantees you multiple energy clearings. With each level of release work you feel even more free, lighter and expansive. You’ll know how to quickly delete old mind programs that are limiting you!Learn more today here.To register for Laser Reiki on March 7-10, email today.

You cannot heal from the outside in; that defies natural law.

A simple way to heal and end the inner turmoil is to use the instant healing methods in Laser Reiki. The outer life follows suit once the inner mess is cleared. Your authentic self is waiting to say “Hello” and to fill you with joy!

How would you like to awaken each morning … feeling expansive in your heart chakra?

When you feel that extra space in your chest you know it’s full of Source Energy. You’ll feel unlimited. You’ll be eager to start the day with anticipation of success and the need to explore even more gifts that are out there waiting for you.

All of this is possible.

It starts in a weekend Laser Reiki 1-4 class following a few simple inner-clearing techniques that have been used by thousands of others since 1994.

If you don’t clear out the energy blockages (stuffed emotional garbage), there is no room available to host the authentic self, the eternal flame within and/or even claim the abundance — that you’ve already created (and it’s just waiting to be claimed.)

Maybe at one time, eons ago, living in harmony with nature was common knowledge for all of us. But not today; we’re living a weird dream full of lies. We suffer from lack of knowledge and disconnection from the truth within. Our surface mind is full of misinformation and limitation.

The Laser Reiki clearing process is simple and the basics are easily learned in this 4-day workshop. You will have plenty of practical exercises doing this on yourself and other members of the class. You will see the differences in class members after each exercise. Your success is guaranteed.

Dogmas, lies and trapped emotions are stuffed in the body tissue. We all have them. This stuck emotional energy blocks the good feelings we are all looking for. Yes, we all want to feel good now!

You can start clearing out these trapped emotions the first day of class. It’s like peeling an onion and it’s an on going process. As each layer is released, you’ll feel clearer and clearer! Lighter and Lighter! You are then able to connect with your higher self and from that quiet part within — you can create the life you desire.

That Life you desire also wants you — even more than you want it!

New LR Workshops are coming …You may have already participated in a LR workshop. If so, you know how freeing it is! Remember how good it felt to clear the blockages?There’s more to come in your next class. Each weekend workshop is a special, unique experience. Remember that if you’ve taken the Laser Reiki Workshops before you may come again for a greatly discounted fee.

Winter/Spring Laser Reiki Workshop Schedule and very special pricing with Advance Registration:

Laser Reiki Series workshop on March 7-10 – Hours: 9 AM – 6 PM

Bring a friend and receive $100 finder’s fee coupon for you and your friend at the next class!Prices slashed for early registration. Reg. price $2495 — Special — Join now and get this training for only $1000. Offer is good during the next 10 days. (Save $1495.)

Traditional Reiki — the 6 hour FREE Reiki 1 class has changed many students’ lives for the better.

April 13, FREE Reiki 1: Regular $150. Special – FREE (Invite your friends!)April 13-14, Reiki Master Certification: Regular $650. Special Only $200
(That’s priceless when compared to what others are charging. Special emphasis on learning to teach and promote Reiki yourself!)Learn more today here.

To register, email today.

Why the New Lowered Prices at the Reiki Ranch? The Universe has been very nice to us. We are constantly being given so much that we want to give back.

Come to the Reiki Ranch and continue learning the clearing process so you, too can be open to receive. Your success is 100% guaranteed. You have zero risk! After the first day of the workshop — If you think you haven’t received what we promise your whole amount will be returned, right there. No questions asked.Please register immediately to lock in your special price.Call to confirm your place: 360-748-4426. Limited space.
Send a risk free deposit or the full amount of the course to:
The Assembly of CEH, 1673 S Market Blvd, #143, Chehalis, WA 98532

God gave us two ends – one to sit on and one to think with. Success  depends on which one you use. Head you win, tail you lose.
~ Author unknown
For more information, detailed descriptions of courses and articles
Go to: Web sites: and www.LaserReiki.comHow to Attract Wealth by Taylore and Roi — A spiral bound study manual of 130 pages. Here you’ll learn how to get The Life Manager (your personal part of the subconscious mind) to work with you on any project you choose. Also tells how Taylore and Roi manifested a $800,000 ranch for the Assembly of CEH with no job or credit history. Learn a simple formula they used and attract what you desire! Price $25 plus $7.90 shipping and handling.PPS: Please send this message to as many people as you know, to help us in our mission to raise the consciousness on the planet and help enlighten as many as possible.

Thoughts lead to feelings. Feelings lead to actions. Actions leads to results.
~ T. Harv Eker, Quotes from Secrets of the Millionaire Mind


Hi Taylore and Roi,

Thank you so much for the healing session you provided before we went on our cruise. It was phenomenally powerful and really assisted in removing the clutter in the air at that time.
I have been on your website and tried to donate, but cannot find a paypal to send it to. Can you let me know what is your PayPal email.
Also, – if it is possible, – I think we will be entering a “phase two” of the attack (static forces are beginning to form again) and I would like a second session to dissipate anything before it really begins. We are much more aware of what to allow into our thoughts now, but I know what you did began a good period for us. Sometimes clarity of thought is all you need.
You both were terrific to help us out so much back then. My wife and I thank you!!  by Frank



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Do we have to die to go to heaven?

You will start feeling younger and happier. We have been given the key to immortality.
We can be a free as a child and light as a fish in water. (The kid is outside the aquarium.)
On another front — do we have to die to go to heaven? Is death mandatory?
“When death does come, it releases the weight of gravity and temporarily frees the soul from earth. But it does not change the vibration of consciousness from the human level. There is no escape from the vibration of yourself except by practiced change of thoughts and feelings.” __from “The Door Of Everything” by Ruby Nelson….
If you can educate your surface mind while still living in the body… then you do not have to die the body, ever! Can you also  become a Christ — as Jesus said we could?  Can you go through the Door? (like a few others have done!)
We have been programmed to think, “You grow old and die.” By buying into this social consciousness and passing it on to your children you are part of the problem! — The body gets sick or it ages and dies! — This is not the way to become a whole/complete God conscious Being…. You need a blue print to follow! And you have free will to figure this out for yourself.
And *you go through the Door Of Everything* while still alive — not waiting until you die! What makes you think that a person gets any smarter or becomes an angel when they die?
Who told you that death was the way to graduate from here?
The caterpillar does not die; it is transformed into the butterfly. If someone had stepped on the caterpillar, it would have to be born again as a caterpillar to become the butterfly.
Is there also a way to transform the human body into a Grand Cosmic Being? Is this worth reading a small book? … The Door Of Everything costs about $10 on
Earth is your launching point! Not the place to die! Death is not ascension! You do not die the body to become a higher being! (I read in the Life and teachings of the Masters of the Far East by Baird Spalding of a lady who is 400 years old still looking 20 years old, still enjoying teaching and living a good life!)
How good is this? What else is possible?  Use Laser Reiki to change your reality!
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How to Live Longer & Feel Good Now

Let’s Jump Right In 
What are people wanting?
Do you want to feel better? At least 99% of people want to feel good now.
People want their bodies to feel good and their minds to be peaceful.
Feel Good! Look good! Look attractive! Have others look at you and say, “Wow! You’re looking good!”
How about being free from worry? Do you want freedom?
If you are getting older you might be worried about the future.
Are You Worried About Getting older? Worried about Having enough money? Wanting to feel secure?
Or if you are younger  — then you might have worries about your parents and grand parents?
We used to live 800 years — what happened?
Does the number of years you are alive really cause aging?
How to Live Longer & Feel Better…
What if you started now looking for ways to keep your body younger? It is your physical vehicle you wear to live on earth. And it is part of God. Let’s take better care of it. It needs you to love it, too.
Eating healthy foods and thinking positive thoughts are a good start. There are many alternative remedies which used to be the way of life: eating more fruits and vegetables, eating organic, making green food smoothies with Stabilized Greens ( — 1 tablespoon is like eating basket full of greens. Next, stop drinking sugar drinks, taking aspartame, avoid artificial stuff, chemicals, MSG, GMO the “so called foods”, and stop eating non foods.
We need to clear our energy and keep it clean. We can also keep our auras clean. Stuck energy makes us heavy and dark energy keeps us down.
Do energy clearings! Get rid of negative energy, curses, stop negative mind chatter, quit having to judge all, finding fault with others is a sickness, holding on to bad feelings, grudges, etc. keep us down.
Lighten up! Be like a small child again. Laser Reiki will help free up your energy so you will feel good again!
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