Pre-class Studies – Laser Reiki Level 1-4 – 12 classes



  Laser Reiki Level 4-1

     Pre-class Studies—Questions and Answers

                                                    The Hidden Side of Reiki

               Taking Energy Healing to Its Highest Potential!

 Learn the Difference  between Traditional Reiki and Laser Reiki

Laser Reiki is higher dimensional energy.
Heal your aura of holes and dark energy in a few minutes

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Each level of the aura is an energy field and is controlled by their individual vibrational frequency.

A damaged aura can only be healed by energy medicine – Laser Reiki.

You learn how to change reality, converse with your Life Manager, release pain and re-connect to the Universal Life Force Energy in a few minutes

aura of Laser Reiki





During each class you will receive several energy clearings, removal of emotional stuck energy blockages, clear past life trauma, there will be release of & transmutation of sick energies, and you will start feeling better and better. Just the healings are worth over $10.000!



Laser Reiki Level 4-1

The Hidden Side of Reiki






Universal Reiki Masters Taylore Vance & Herb (Roi) Richards, founders of Laser Reiki


About the Trainers

Taylore and Roi are lifetime students of consciousness, energy, healing, and alternate realities. They became certified lymphologists in 1983 and took their first Reiki training at Little Rock, Arkansas in 1985. They studied, and received certification in, Neuro-Linguistic

programming, worked on staff and participated in several fire walks, with Anthony Robins.

They have also studied with the Oregon-based, Foundation of Inner Divinity, with Dr. Kam Yuen, noted originator of Chinese Energetic Medicine and others investigating energy medicine.

Taylore also completed training in Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression and has been an Eckankar Instructor. She received a New York Regent’s Bachelor of Science Degree, University of New York.

           Prior to retirement, Roi owned several successful businesses and was active in motor sports. He holds a Ph.D. in Natural Nutrition from the College of Human Life Sciences, Austin, Texas. He retired with the intention of studying consciousness and alternative health and has kept true to his intention. Taylore and Roi manage to maintain a balance between their cosmic perspectives and down to earth practicality. They also mix a liberal amount of humor into all aspects of their life together.

If life is not fun for you

…Then you’re not doing it right! And you must change something. This workshops changes our life!



Chapter 1


Starting out in Laser Reiki — What is it?

            First, let’s define what Reiki is — Reiki is a natural way to let the Universal healing energy flow through your body and heal others you touch. You receive a healing as well. Reiki is a Japanese word meaning you are allowing the God Force energy (a ray of light) flow out of your hands (KI is another name for energy) Pronounced RAY – KEY.

Reiki is not new age. It was the way both Jesus and Buddha healed as well as other old time healers. It was given to human beings on Earth after we were thrown out of the garden of Eden so we could fix our bodies if we got sick. Down through the ages its methods and training were kept as a secret teaching and limited to the few and finally got lost. About 1850 Dr. Usui, a Japanese monk who researched all the secret manuscripts in different monasteries, rediscovered these hands-on-healing methods.

NOTICE ABOUT REIKI: If you are already trained in Reiki I, II or III — please note — that in this Laser Reiki 1-4 workshop you will not be repeating anything, but a few minutes when all the symbols are put in. It will be all new information and application for you.

If you have never taken a Reiki attunement — there’s no problem. Laser Reiki is easy to learn and very different from Traditional Reiki. As long as you have an interest in learning to heal, you will be able to do the work. At another time you might like to come back to the school and learn the traditional Reiki. It is taught once or twice a year in three separate1-day seminars each covering a level of Traditional Reiki training. It is very reasonably priced. You can teach Traditional Reiki without any kind of licensed agreement from the school. Laser Reiki is Registered and property of the Assembly of CEH. You may not teach it without proper credentials and agreements. You may use it all you want to heal yourself and others.

Laser Reiki is an advanced form of Reiki that was hidden from the public. It is hundreds of times quicker than traditional Reiki! The same Reiki energy was discovered to flow directly out of the finger tips like a “laser beam” of healing energy– hence the name. This amazing Reiki technique was re-discovered by Taylore and Roi. You can learn to correctly flow this higher dimensional energy in a 12-day workshop. We like the 6 months of LR workshops — held one weekend per month as your best option!  The student have time to practice the methods and each month we add other clearings to learn and practice. The students also receive 6 months of energy clearings worth well over the price of the training.

You will recieve many energy clearing of traumatic imprints — from past, present and/or future.

You deserve a good life! Again: If you’re not having fun in your life, then you are not doing it right! It is time for you to start enjoying life!!!




How does Laser Reiki differ from (traditional) Reiki?

Back to Traditional Reiki — it is the universal life force energy that flows out the hands of a practitioner.

1.    It flows out of the hands in an even field similar to someone sprinkling the lawn with a spray of water. The energy is applied directly on the location of the pain and also to the entire body.

2.    The traditional Reiki is the application mostly of energy to mass (Reiki energy applied to the physical body — mass.)

3.    There are three degrees to learning traditional Reiki: Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki III (Reiki Master level.) These basic levels are taught here at the school. See schedule.

4.     In the traditional 3 levels of Reiki you are flowing the god force energy as it flows from the 4th dimension to heal the physical body. In other words, practitioners are flowing energy to mass.

Regular Reiki is considered 4th dimensional. (This statement is 97% accurate.) If the Reiki practitioner is really clear of energy blockages they can flow past the 4th and into the 5th dimension energy, but it is still energy to mass.

NOTE: This little arrow → means “to”

Traditional Reiki:  Energy    →   Mass

Reiki Energy  →   Physical Body


5.    An example of the healing ability of Traditional Reiki — It may take 3 to 6 months or more of treatments to heal the symptoms of asthma. That is much better than spending years and years using medications and inhalers. With Laser Reiki it may take only one to three sessions to remove the energy blockages from the same dis-ease.

Laser Reiki is the same loving energy, but it comes in as a higher frequency and it requires a precise spot for its application.

1.    It flows out the fingertips with “laser” accuracy and it is applied to a precise location.

2.    It is applied to the meridian of the central nerve system

(We suggest not using the words: “nervous system”.  Those words encourage nervousness in the body. Remember — words are very powerful.)

In other words — it is applied to the vertical mid-line of the body. Laser Reiki is not applied to the physical location or to the area of the pain. It will, many times instantly, remove the pain from the body. An uplifting feeling is always felt. (It makes you feel happier!)

3.    Laser Reiki is at least a 6th dimensional (and/or higher form of the healing energy.) You can use the higher frequency energy depending on your clarity. When you clear your own personal energy field of energy blockages your ability to flow this higher frequency energy is enhanced.

Starting at Levels 1-4 of Laser Reiki — the energy flows directly from the higher dimensions through you (the LR practitioner) to the patient’s energy body where it’s benefits then naturally flow into their physical body over the next three days. (It flows into the physical body as quick as it can, but it may take up to three days because it won’t do harm. It will only do good things for the client. Therefore the healing is still flowing into the client’s physical body for the next three days.)


Laser Reiki Energy  ⇒   The energy Body

(Energy to Energy application is quicker and much more efficient.)

6th – Dimensional energy    the energy body       the physical body.


In other words, the transfer of healing flows from energy to energy. This is hundreds of times more efficient energy transfer. Instant healings can and do happen!

4.    There are 10 levels of Reiki training available at the No. 1 Healing School where the advanced Reiki training starts at Level 1-4 — Laser Reiki. After that workshop your next Level of training will be Level 5 — Cosmic Energetic Healing. (Eight levels have been completed.)

5.    You’ll learn and practice your skills even more with each class. The key to energy healing is finding and releasing the root cause of the dis-ease. It is usually an unresolved emotional issue or old programming. These are called an energy blockage.

6.    Energy blockages can be found at the mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual, psychic, genetic or other levels including the past, present, future, parallel and other dimensional lives.

7.     It could bleed over from another “you” from your soul group or Your Circle of Being. (All life is simultaneous. All life is actually happening in the NOW. There are past, present, future, parallel and other dimensions that may bleed over causing you to have energy blockages into your physical reality.) This is often the reason no medical cause for many illnesses can be found.

8.    The subconscious mind is used to find the exact location of the energy blockage. It knows where all the blockages are hiding. An energy blockage could even come into your life from your great great grandfather’s life or even from a movie you saw.

9.    You will learn how to ask the correct questions to receive the answers. It makes no difference whether you believe in multiple lives or not. The Life Manager division of the subconscious will help you dig out the root cause of any dis-ease.

10. The practitioner of Laser Reiki is always clearing energy blockages in themselves so they can be as clear and pure a channel to flow the highest levels of healing energy as possible. The more clearing you do on yourself, the better you will feel and the better healer you will become.

It may take up to 3 sessions with Laser Reiki to heal asthma symptoms and its root cause –which is the emotional problem under-lying the illness. But in only one session the client will notice a measurable improvement in the illness. Compare that to 20 to 30 treatments over 3 to 6 months using traditional Reiki to achieve the same results. Doctors seem to have no permanent remedy for asthma.


How are Reiki and Laser Reiki the same?

1)    With either Reiki or LR you are not using your own energy. You are using the universal  god force energy.

2)    As a healer you do not take on any of the aliments, karma, disease, illness, aches, pain or feelings from the client.

3)    The more detached you are from the outcome, the better the client is healed.

4)    The more clients you heal the better you feel. (Because you also receive a healing as the Reiki flows through you.)

5)    Reiki energies will never harm the client. If the client released too many toxins at one time there will be a “healing Crisis”. (A healing crisis or detoxification of the body is natural. This can be mostly avoided in Laser Reiki by asking the body where to put the energy in to transmute the toxins. The toxins released will be changed to useful energies that the body needs for repair and rebuilding.)

6)    It helps to be a clear channel to flow Reiki. Heal and clear yourself, clean your aura and align your energy before healing others and after the session, too!


Laser Reiki can heal the reason for poverty.

You have blockages that are pushing wealth away / blocking money from coming into your life.

By becoming a student of Laser Reiki you are going to be privy to all of our inside information. There are ways to overcome Karma, sickness and even poverty conscience.

Most people don’t realize that personal poverty is just as much a dis-ease as the brand name diseases and can be healed just as effectively. In our society it is one of the major dis-eases. By healing personal poverty and the feelings brought on by a lack of adequate funds healing any of the brand name diseases is much easier.

Wealth Manual:  Taylore and Roi recently published a 140 page do-it-yourself manual giving you several simple actions you can take to increase your affluence and erase your personal poverty consciousness. Those who’ve made these simple changes have as much as tripled their income without working any harder or becoming better educated, etc., etc. The title is “How to attract Wealth” Subtitle “Ordinary people bridge the gap between broke and prosperity.” It is an 81/2 X 10 printed manual with plastic bindings and for sale at the school for only $25 or $32.95 postpaid – 3-day delivery.



Finding the ROOT CAUSE of a Dis-ease Is A Major Break Through!


The Root Cause is usually an emotional issue that has been stuffed into the tissue, muscle or organ.

No matter what healing modality you now practice, the ability to find the root cause of the dis-ease is essential to an efficient cure. It cuts the healing time in half. Your clients will love you!

·      Among other info you can obtain from the patient’s subconscious mind is the percentage of effectiveness your healing will produce. What good can you do in one session? You will learn how to determine the answer on a scale of 1 to 10.

·      How many treatments will it take?

·      Does the patient really want healing (Do they really want to change)?

·      Is the sickness part of a pre-birth contract? Is the contract finished? Can it be changed thereby restoring health for the client?

·      Is the client using the dis-ease to control or punish friends or family members? Does the client have low self-esteem?

·      Does the disease benefit the person? If he/she can’t say “no” and therefore uses the dis-ease as an excuse to not go to a particular event, etc. She might say, “I can’t go to the football game tonight because I have fibromylgia!”

The wisdom is always in your questions. You are acting as a consciousness detective when you are asking these questions


Judging certain experiences as BAD or GOOD creates blockages.


Actually there are neither bad or good experiences. There are just experiences. Some we’d like to do over and over and others we’d rather not. By judging them good or bad and not coming to terms with the bad …we form energy blockages that are carried from generation to generation in our basic blueprint. Until these blockages are erased at their root they will continue to cause a dis-ease in the body. Chronic pain with no known cause is a good example. (There are energy blockages somewhere causing the chronic pain. As a healer it is your job to find and remove these blockages.)

Even though it’s not necessary to have any type of health training to successfully take this course, you will often find health practitioners of all modalities in these workshops adding to their skills.

There Is An Attunement for Laser Reiki

In modern terms the “secret symbols” are simply software that is installed in the consciousness that tells the subconscious mind to go ahead and let you flow up to 60% more god energy through your body. You can then flow it out to perform the various types of healing disciplines. You are never flowing your own energy. The more healing work you do the better you feel! This is because you are getting the first use of this energy as it fills your body and then flows out to others.


Why focus your attention?

·      A simple exercise will be given in class to prove when you focus your attention the results of your actions will improve dramatically. When you really focus your attention the Universe lines up with you. It makes your healing so much more powerful.



A “List for the Universe” is necessary.


By writing down a list of positive things you desire in your life forces you to focus your attention. Your Life Manager likes to help you. Give her instructions!

Now you can get what you want instead of keep getting what you don’t want. The “Forces That Are” (Law of Attraction) doesn’t really care or judge you. You really can have anything you think about — even being so poor that you only have a shopping cart to live with or so sick that you can’t walk.

Everybody creates their reality by their thoughts and habits of thinking. Why not ask for what you really want? (You are not really “asking” like begging, but more like placing an order at a restaurant. It is then a “done deal!” unless your push it away or cancel the order in some way.) Thank you for the order!

·      Take a sheet of paper and write the words: “List for the Universe” on the top. Start now and you simply fill it in with a few desires. Write them in the positive tense. This starts their journey to you. (I am enjoying even better health, now!) You may add to your list as you think of more things you’d like to have!


The Universe Responds To Your Desires (also to your thoughts and fears) Using The Law Of Attraction!

This is “The Secret” as elaborated upon in the DVD, numerous books and also on the Oprah show.


·      Are you using the Law of Attraction in your favor or is it running on a hit and miss basis feeding off your chance emotions and useless mind chatter instead of taking you in the direction of your desires?

·      Are past programming and useless dogmas shaping your future and the health of your body?

·      Is your senseless mind chatter, fear of success, fear of failure, worry about being sick or the feeling of not being good enough controlling your destiny?

·      Emotions are the fuel to manifest! (Manifest means to bring forth either by your own efforts, efforts of others, or universal energies lining up in a series of events.) The so-called “negative emotions” manifest much more easily, are very powerful in nature, and do create bad health in your body.

·      Can you think of several reasons why you need to control or eliminate your mind chatter and negative emotions?

List two reasons why you should control mind chatter:

1.    _________________________

2.   _________________________


The mind is a powerful tool, but a bad master. You are a spiritual being. Only YOU can take charge of the mind. You have three or more levels of the mind. You will be working with:

·      The conscious

·      The subconscious (the unconscious)

·      The supra or super conscious (the Internet between all minds.)

·      Like attracts like. Thoughts you send out — you will get back. By saying, “I don’t have any money!” results in you not having any money.

Lack begets lack.

·      Fear of being sick brings you the very  thing you fear.

·      Anger brings even more things to get angry about.

·      Worry brings you more things to worry about.

·      Thinking about Joy, looking for joy — brings even more joy.

Joy brings joy… How simple is that?

·      Expressing gratitude to the Source brings you more things to be thankful about.

·      You have free will. You are designed to be in control of your reality!


Why is a Laser Reiki attunement desirable?

·      It increases the flow of energy into an individual. You will feel more energized and happier. Your thoughts will manifest much faster and easier!

The attunement is necessary software for  brain (your computer) to open up to receive a larger flow of Source energy!

*      Down through history the normal flow of energy was closed down (genetically speaking) during the ages of persecution of people who appeared to have special abilities. Remember reading about the burning of witches? (Most of us have been there and need to release those energy blockages. It will be done in class.)

*      Others feared their own powernever realizing it was one of our natural/spiritual birthright abilities. Spiritual power is not supernatural. It is one of our natural abilities. So is healing the body of any and ALL problems. Accept this!

*      When we come into our bodies we inherit a batch of genetic fears and feelings brought down from many generations. Plus we bring along our own set of emotional handicaps from other lives. This can be released and healed with these techniques you are learning with Laser Reiki.

*      Few realize that we humans are hard-wired to flow this healing energy.


The Laser Reiki & Cosmic Energetic Healing (level 5), and other advanced Laser Reiki levels such as 6,7, 8, 9 & 10, all have attunements to their levels. They are like upgraded software programs being put into the computer’s hardware.

*      Without the software programming the computer just sits there waiting for it. It can’t act on its own without programming.

*      The attunement is the programming; the Reiki symbols are the language telling the brain it’s okay to flow even more God Force Energy.

*      The human brain needs a program. It doesn’t judge or care which program is running as long as it gets experience.

·      The Laser Reiki Attunement will take place at the beginning of the training. The attunement will be preceded by a 25-minute meditation where the participant will meet their spiritual guides in a garden on the inner planes of existence. Then they will go with their guides to a healing temple where they will release emotional trauma from their lives – past, present, future, and genetic. Please study and review all the written materials provided.  Read it often because it will help the mind accept even more of your natural abilities. You will expand way beyond the ordinary human.

1.    Preparation for the attunement:

·      Eat a light dinner the night before (You most likely will be busy in the dream state during the night.) Have a light breakfast if desired the morning of the attunement or bring a fresh fruit snack to class.

·      Before you go to sleep ask that your dreams be directed toward your ability to flow even more healing energy and light. And ask for an even better connection to the Source. Relax. Breathe and release all the tension. Your body, mind and spirit was designed to flow a huge amount of this Higher Source energy.

·      Release struggle. Embrace ease. Accept that all really is in divine order. Your path is divinely guided.

All you are seeking in now finding you.

·      Bathe the body and dress in your favorite clothes or at least clothing in which you feel most comfortable.

At the beginning of these workshops you will receive a copy of the meditation as well as the printed copies of the symbols for Reiki I, II, III, Laser Reiki IV.


Much more to come:

*      Laser Reiki 5 contains even more practice and additional techniques that you’ll learn to use to make your life better and happier. Etheric implants, up grading DNA, RNA and much more are taken care of.

*      Laser Reiki sent from the eyes will be given in the advanced training Level 6, Ghost Busting, Demon busting, healing pyramid, perfect 10, and much more.








Laser Reiki Goes Way Beyond Traditional Reiki And Other Energy Healing Common In Today’s Use


Who says that the old masters healed the slow hands-on method? Did not Jesus heal with a look or even a touch at times?

The word Reiki means universal life energy.  It is a pure energy that comes from the Source.  It is the same energy that builds galaxies and is seen in the smiles of small children.  Reiki is a neutral god force energy — it is neither positive nor negative.  It is aligned with the Laws of Spiritual Consciousness and Unconditional Love.

The word Reiki consists of two parts: the syllable Rei describes the universal, boundless aspect of this energy and Ki is the vital life force energy, which flows through all living things. A person using Reiki never takes on the problems of another. Use the Red Chute as taught in Laser Reiki! (It is a disposal unit for negative energy blockages. You might also think of this process as a vacuum cleaner that sucks away and disposes of emotional trauma & negative energy.)

Many religions, races and cultures have always been aware of this healing energy and it has been called many names including the Holy Spirit and Divine Grace in the Christian teachings.

The traditional Usui system of Reiki has been said to be the most simple and natural healing method, and it has been one of the most effective ways of transferring this universal life energy.  In Taylore’s opinion the Usui system is very effective but slow. The treatment of a person takes from 30 min. to 1 hour or more. “My mind was going a mile a minute while I did the hands-on-healing. I was receiving the idea that the healing could be done in just minutes instead of the hour. I began to ask questions to the Universal consciousness about these ideas that were coming in. Through my own physical problems, meditation, practice, studying, books, seminars, other people and divine guidance my partner, Roi an I came up with Laser Reiki.” Explains Taylore.

Laser Reiki (LR) and Cosmic Energetic Healing (CEH) are two levels beyond traditional Reiki Master III level. Laser Reiki is the art of putting the energy into the healee like a laser beam. Finding the root cause of disease, whether it is on the physical, emotional, spiritual level or on the parent’s genetic lineage, is necessary for a lasting healing. You pull out the root cause of the problem.

Cosmic Energetic Healing is level five where you will receive another attunement and higher level of energy clearings. It is very impressive.

Once a person has been attuned to Reiki, concentrated life energy will flow through his/her hands of its own accord and this ability will remain with them forever. You never feel alone again. This connection brings you comfort.

Reiki has been known as the practice of laying-on-of-hands. The energy first fills the Reiki initiate’s heart area and flows out the hands into the patient.  To start the Reiki…just think Reiki! Or think heal And once attuned to Laser Reiki you no longer have to make or draw symbols to cause the energy to flow.

This universal life force energy seems to have a mind of its own, in other words — it has an innate intelligence built into it.  It will add energy where needed, balance energy and/or even remove energy from areas that are over energized.

It is very important to do a mental clearing before using Reiki.

Remember it is doing God’s work and it knows what to do.

Keep your personal desires and ego out of the way.  Practice unconditional love. The healer must not allow his “Ego-will” to desire the healee to get well.

Be a clear vessel. Trust that “God’s will” will be done not yours or mine. This will allow the healing to reach the highest Soul purpose. Surrender the “little self” to being a clear conduit for God’s will to flow through. (Question: How do we really know what is needed for another Soul’s lesson? Answer: We don’t know what’s good for another being.)

The healing will have a better impact if you have no outcome for the healee. Just remember to open your heart and work the healing charts provided to help you find the location of the root cause. The healing is being done by the healee using you as a channel or instrument to “jump start their tired battery.” The best thing for you to do is to keep your personal desires “for them to get well” out of it!

Our bodies have the innate ability to heal themselves on all levels.  Reiki provides the opportunity for the body to return to balance and harmony. The healer plays an instrumental part in transformation, and yet ultimately it is up to the healee to manifest harmony and balance in their own life. The receiver of the Reiki energy takes an active part in his or her own healing whether it is conscious or unconscious.

Health and well-being are natural to the body.

The practitioner will use the healing tools to find the root cause of the dis-ease. They will next remove the energy blockage and then apply the Laser Reiki to the exact spot for the correction and re-affirming of health, love, joy, peace and well-being.

The Laser Reiki Master will interface with the subconscious mind of the healee thus receiving valuable information as to where to place the healing energy. The receiver is thus responsible for how they utilize the healing energy provided. From using Reiki/Laser Reiki on yourself or others, you never feel tired or stressed out. Reiki is one of the few forms of healing that can be applied to oneself. The practitioner of Reiki is not using his/her own energy, but rather a universal one, which leaves him or her, strengthened and harmonized. This energy heals you as it flows through to heal others.

Many times the client’s body will go through a period of detoxification after a healing session. They could feel very tired and need lots of sleep, or have an upset stomach, diarrhea, breaking out with a skin rash, etc. Have them drink plenty of fresh water and take it easy for a few days. There is a way to still get the healing, but by-pass the sickness. You’ll learn this in the workshops.

Reiki is not a religion.  It has nothing to do with spiritualism, dead spirits, ghosts or demons.  It is the same energy force that both Buddha and Jesus used to heal others. Remember Jesus­ taught, “Everything I can do, so can you and more.” (Paraphrased)

Cosmic Energetic Healing (CEH) with Laser Reiki is more like the method the Masters themselves used to heal and it results in similar miraculous conclusions.

We are accessing through a form of Kinesiology the subconscious mind (the main computer) where all information is stored. The subconscious mind has also been called “your local representative of God” because it never judges and is always connected to the higher source. If mind were laid out like a physical computer, it would take up a tall building on a city block. Everything is stored there — every little energy blockage we’ve ever had, every pain, emotional or physical and their affect is carried forward into the present physical moment waiting to be recognized and cleared. If they are not cleared they will keep “knocking at the door” and wanting us to focus our attention on them.

There have been numerous cases where an individual keeps getting injured in the same place time after time.  Once that spot is recognized and the Laser Reiki applied (sometimes it takes several layers to finally get to the source) the injury is instantly relieved.

Instant Pain Release

Sometimes it appears to return, but it is only a new level wanting to be acknowledged. It’s like pealing an onion. At times the healing is instant and all layers are cleared at the same time. Remember as a kid when you fell down and hit your head or cut your knee, then for the next few days if you fell you always reopened or re-injured the same spot? Unresolved energy blockages act like a magnet in attracting more pain.

Do you wonder if we’ll all be clear of accidents once each one of us is completely cleared of energy blockages? It is a possibility!

In Cosmic Energetic Healing we are also going way beyond the physical realm to correct imbalances and that is why it is called ”Cosmic”. Through the attunement, help from our higher self, spirit guides, angels, and ascended Reiki Masters, and with the use of the subconscious mind we are accessing our records clear from the beginning.

A series of questions are needed at the start to receive the necessary information whereby the body can answer “yes” or “no” through Kinesiology (muscle testing).

Focused attention is important. After the circuits of communication have been established and exercised all of the initiates of this healing method will be able to receive direct communication from this storehouse of knowledge.

Regressive hypnosis is another method of receiving this information, but it is not practical for most people because the simple muscle testing used in Laser Reiki is faster and easily learned by all. It is the first choice of many who have experience in the healing field.

Some healers use a pendulum to test for answers. It appears to be a little slower than the Laser Reiki muscle testing. Another point to consider is that the pendulum is outside your body and may be taken over by another energy field or spirit. The important thing is 2-way communication with the powerhouse of your life.

It is the Life Manager division of your subconscious mind. And its entire job is to get you anything it believes you want in life.

How good is that?



Reading Suggestions

Read and Study “Essential Reiki” by Diane Stein. Her book is truly outstanding basic Reiki Information — we stock it at the school.

At the School we also have three inexpensive separate Manuals on Reiki I, II & III. We consider it very helpful for those wanting to teach. You may feel free to use these easily copied manuals in your own Reiki I-II-II classes. The manuals cost $15 each.

Taylore and Roi have a new online ebook and soft cover at this link It was entitled “How to Triple Your Home Business Income”.  Now entitled

“2 Keys to Success: How to Get Rich Building Wealth”

Good to read is a 1912 consciousness manual that sold for $1500. The Master Keys is said to have helped many become multimillionaires. The Catholic church banned it in 1935. It is a reformatted copy of the original. We have a 1919 original hardcover of the Master Key System in our Library at the school.

<1912 consciousness training: Say this from yourself (not your body)…”I AM whole, I AM Perfect, I AM Powerful, I Am Loving and Harmonious, I AM Healthy, I AM Wealthy, I AM Happy and I AM Free!”>

Note from Roi: “From yourself that is a true statement right now! It doesn’t matter what your physical reality seems to be right now.”



For photos go the For what is Reiki? Send your friends to and course schedule and articles look at




NAME _________________________________________

WORKSHOP DATE _________________________ (Please copy and email this exercise paper to


OPEN BOOK COMPREHENSION STUDY. Completely read the material at least once before starting this section.


  1. Is Reiki new age? True _____ or False ______
  2. About 1850 these hands-on-healing methods were rediscovered by _____________________ a Japanese monk who researched all the secret manuscripts in different monasteries.
  3. Do you need to have prior training in Traditional Reiki before you take the Laser Reiki 1-4 Workshop? ___________________.
  4. Laser Reiki was the hidden teaching and is an advanced form of ________________.
  5. In ___________________ Reiki the energy is applied directly on the physical location of the pain and also to the entire body.
  6. In __________________ Reiki it is the same loving energy, but it comes out as a higher frequency and it requires a precise spot along the meridian of the central nerve system for its application.
  7. Traditional Reiki is considered __________ dimensional energy.
  8. Laser Reiki is at least __________ dimensional and/or higher frequency. You can use the higher frequency energy depending on your clarity.
  9. Laser Reiki Energy Þ means we flow energy from  the ________________ to the energy body.
  10. In traditional Reiki I, II or III, we flow 4th dimensional Energy to the ____________ Body
  11. You’ll learn to find the ___________ cause of the dis-ease.
  12. The ________________ ____________ is used to find the exact location of the energy blockages. The subconscious mind knows where all the blockages are hiding. You’ll learn how to ask the correct questions to receive the answers.
  13. The practitioner of Laser Reiki is always clearing _______________ _____________ in themselves so they can be a clear and pure channel to flow the higher levels of healing energy.
  14. You, as a healing practitioner, do _________ take on any of the aliments, karma, disease, illness, aches, pain or feelings from the client.
  15. The more ______________ you are from the outcome, the better the client is healed.
  16. Explain what we mean by the words –your soul group or Your Circle of Being. ____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________
  17. Most people don’t realize that personal poverty (lack of money) is just as much a _______________________ as the brand name diseases and can be healed just as effectively.
  18. Information you can obtain from the patient’s subconscious mind via muscle testing is very valuable in determining what kind of outcome you could expect in treating a client. List several questions you could ask getting a “yes” or “no” answer.
  • _______________________________________________________
  • _______________________________________________________
  • _______________________________________________________
  1. The wisdom is always in your questions. True _____ or False _____
  2. You are acting as a consciousness detective. True _____ or False ______
  3. You are a healer? True _____ or False ______
  4. There are neither bad or good experiences? Yes ________  No ______
  5. What are “secret Reiki symbols” and how are they used? ___________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  6. Everybody creates their reality by their __________________ and habits of thinking.
  7. Are you using the __________ of Attraction in your favor or is it running on a hit and miss situation feeding off your chance emotions and useless mind chatter instead of taking you in the direction of your desires? ______ yes or ______no?
  8. The so-called “________________ emotions” manifest much more easy, are very powerful in nature and do create bad health in your body.
  9. The mind is a powerful tool, but a __________ master.
  10. You are a _____________ being.
  11. Only ___________ can take charge of the mind.
  12. You have three or more levels of the mind. You will be working with. Name them:
  • ____________________________
  • _____________________________
  • _____________________________
  1. Like attracts like. Yes ________ No ______
  2. Thoughts you send out come back to By saying, “I don’t have any money!” results in you not having any money.
  3. Lack begets lack. Yes ________ No ______
  4. Fear of being sick brings you the things you fear. Yes ________ No ______
  5. Expressing anger brings even more things to get angry about.

Yes ________  No ______

  1. Worry brings you more things to worry about. Yes ________ No ______
  2. Thinking about Joy, looking for joy — brings even more joy.

Yes ________  No ______

  1. Is spiritual power supernatural? Yes ________ No ______
  2. Or …is it one of our natural abilities? Yes ________ No ______
  3. Choose one of these to repeat and contemplate on several times a day.
  • All really is in divine order.
  • My path is divinely guided.
  • All that I am seeking in now finding me.
  1. Reiki has been known as the practice of _________________-of-hands.
  2. The energy first fills the Reiki initiate’s _________________ area and flows out the hands into the patient.
  3. To start the Reiki…just think _________________! Or think heal
  4. And once attuned to Laser Reiki you no longer have to make or draw __________________ to cause the energy to flow.
  5. How do we really know what is needed for another Soul’s lesson? ________________________________________________
  6. Health and well-being are ________________ to the body.
  7. The practitioner will use the tools to find the root cause of the dis-ease. Next they will then remove the _____________ ______________________ and then apply the Laser Reiki to the exact spot for correction and re-affirming health, love, joy, peace and well-being.
  8. The Laser Reiki Master will interface with the subconscious mind of the healee thus receiving valuable information as where to place the healing energy.

True _____ or False ______

  1. The ________________ is thus responsible for how they utilize the healing energy provided.
  2. From using Reiki/Laser Reiki on yourself or others, you always feel tired or stressed out. True _____ or False ______
  3. Reiki is one of the few forms of healing that can be applied to oneself.

True _____ or False ______

  1. The practitioner of Reiki is not using his/her own energy, but rather a universal one, which leaves him or her _________________ and _______________________________________.
  2. This energy does not heal you as it flows through to heal others.

True _____ or False ______

  1. We are accessing through a form of Kinesiology the subconscious mind (the main computer) where all information is stored about all your lives.

True _____ or False ______

  1. If Healing is hard, then you aren’t doing it right.

True _____ or False ______

  1. Give yourself a pat on the back for finishing this exercise.

Please give us your feedback from this study.


Kitty Giving Reiki



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What Ghost Busting Means: Healing The Ghost

What are ghosts?

The ghost is an energy with some form of consciousness. They are usually people who have lost their bodies, but did not go to heaven or recycle to another lifetime. They are the ones we normally call dead people. These people may not know that they are dead, especially if the body’s death was caused by an unexpected accident or in war.

The ghosts don’t know what happened to them except no one will talk to them anymore.

After death the ghost tends to hang around their homes and familiar people because they don’t know their physical body died; they think they are still alive.

The ghost may not feel any different than they always have. When their homes are sold, they might not like the new owners taking over their homes. They are especially disturbed that no one talks to them anymore. The ghost who thinks he/she is still alive resents strange people coming into their home and they may retaliate by knocking things over.

It has been said that “we never were born and we never die!”

To me, that means that we are spirit and we come into the third dimensional body and live a life and when the body dies we (spirit) leave the body and go to some other experience, go to heaven, return to God (or some higher dimensional place), and/or get reborn again in another body.

There was a case of 40-year-old Alice who lost her father to a very painful Meningitis of the brain and spinal cord.

A few days after the father’s funeral she began to experience harsh pain in her head, neck and left shoulder. This pain was very similar to the pain her father experienced before death.  Alice went to her doctor, but he could find nothing physically wrong with her. After several weeks the pain continued and her doctor suggest that she seek a Psychiatrist to check for a mental illness.

She scheduled a mental diagnostic visit and it was going nowhere because Alice is a completely normal and well-adjusted person; the psychiatrist, Dr. Jane could find no mental reason for Alice’s apparent pain.  The psychiatrist had just broadened her own training with a hypnotherapist course, but she had not used it yet. They decided to try this method to see if they might find the cause of Alice’s pain.

During the hypnosis session Dr. Jane asked to be taken to the cause of the pain.

Alice began talking in a new voice as if someone else was answering the questions.

“Where is the pain coming from?” Dr. Jane asked.

Answer: “I think I’m the cause of Alice’s pain. She was crying so much at my funeral and I came over to see if I could comfort her. By accident I slipped into her body when I was trying to help her. I found that I could not get out after a while. I don’t know what to do?” said her father (the ghost).

Dr. Jane was amazed that she had found the source of Alice’s pain.

Now all she had to do was to get Alice’s father out of the body!  It was a process and finally by working together they were able to free up the disincarnated father and send him on his way to heaven or toward his next highest good.  The pain immediately went away when the father left her body. Ghost busting

Sometimes ghosts will hang around trying to take care of family members, they might want to help insure justice for a crime or murder against them, or maybe they thought they were a bad person and are afraid of being punished in hell (if it exists at all?) if they left the physical universe behind. Some just get stuck here and need a little help to move forward.

The Laser Reiki trainers have a level 6 workshop where a person learns all about ghost busting (healing the ghost) whereby they are helping clear blockages in the ghost and assisting them to get out of the physical realm and go to their highest good.

Setting ghosts and other non-physical entities free from a home or an office could be in the room to some wrong with it something which one did I give you for this likes to assume you meant show since so few strange and the woman make that the issue that had another one there call me to go look there were two of them together there at Sophie’s shop we lost one yesterday didn’t wait I did another one because I gave you the thing and it never appeared a good line of work. People will pay well to have those who are able to offer this service.

Within a year of study, you can become a certified ghost buster!  Like I said, you will be healing the ghosts – not just throwing them out where they will bother others. The ghost is a being and also needs some TLC.  It is a Win/Win when you heal the ghost.

Check the awesome energy healing schedule here at







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Laser Reiki Energy Healing Workshops – sign up

Laser Reiki level 1-4. Six months of energy healing Workshops –

one weekend a month.

Next class Starts: November 11h-12th, 2017 and runs for 6 months  Regular $350 per weekend.

Limited special only $200 per weekend.

Pay for your class here:


Special Save $201 by using the “Buy Now” below

when booking the full 6 months of training/workshops

ONLY $999.00

PayPal button:


Laser Reiki workshopsLaser Reiki Weekend Series of Workshops

For the next 7 days you will be able to sign up for only $200 and the discount price is locked in for all 6 weekends (pay individually.)  Sign up now!  Regular price is $300 for each weekend.
Laser Reiki Class 1 • November 11-12, 2017
Laser Reiki Class 2 • December 3-4, 2017
Laser Reiki Class 3 • end of January, 2018
Laser Reiki Class 4 • TBA date in February 2018
Laser Reiki Class 5 – TBA date in March 2018
Laser Reiki Class 5 – TBA date in April 2018

Sign up now for the first class and receive the discount.

PayPal Button for the $200

 Here are a few Laser Reiki skills – for Instant Pain Release – you will learn this and much more:

  • You learn how to clear ancient blockages on yourself and others!
  • Find and delete present, past and future energy blockages in moments
  • Heal the disease called financial hardship and struggle
  • Get rid of ancient family curses
  • Find the root cause of any disease and delete it
  • Learn how to improve relationships and/or attract a mate
While taking the series of Laser Reiki Classes you will receive energy clearing from the founders and other class members several times a day. As you learn these seemly magical energy clearings, you not only are practicing on others, but you will receive the same treatments yourself from 12 different points of view — the other students!
  • Improve your connection to the your grand inner being
  • Increase your happiness, joy and fun!
  • Improve your relationships
  • Find the root cause of any disease and delete it!
  • Be even more lucky in any endeavor!
 NOTE: You need no special training to enroll in the first Laser Reiki class!
We are limiting the class to 12 students! Want to be included in this amazing experience?
It’s All about Laser Reiki – the hidden side of Reiki!
You have heard the saying, “You are not a human having a spiritual experience; YOU are a Spirit having a human experience.” Right?Yep, that’s who you REALLY are – a spirit!  Believe me, most people don’t know how to connect with this bigger part of their self. Some call this real ‘you’ the higher self, your grand inner being, or the “I AM”.
To sign up Call 1-360-748-4426.
Respond ASAP!   We have many methods of payments:  credit cards, Paypal, checks, Money Orders or cash!
Invite a friend to also attend a class with you.
Roi and Taylore
Herb (Roi) and Taylore

The Reiki Ranch
1673 S Market Blvd. #143  (mailing address)
Chehalis, WA 98532
Tel. 360-748-4426

PS: Natural health products that we both take are here: — Instant Pain Release classes & Reiki Master Classes – hands-on-healing training makes your life happier! **Roi’s book – “Lyme Disease Non-Medical Diagnosis And Treatment: How I kicked Chronic Lyme Disease in One Year for Pennies this is a 299 cent book on Amazon. Printed version for only $7.00. Please share this information to save lives.
Testimonial:  Laser Reiki is awesome and there are many Instant Pain Release cases, even neck surgeries avoided because the pain was really from a past life. Since all time and space is HAPPENING NOW then other lifetime trauma can slip into this lifetime. Even stuff you saw in a movie or read in a book can appear in your life – right this minute! Laser Reiki is a great healing tool, simple and quick!
Testimonial:  Hello Taylore and Roi. It has been at least a year or so since I completed Reiki 1, 2, and 3. I’ve just been upmost of the night reading the book Taylore gave me…Bouncing Back-thriving in changing times. It is 4 am when I read Taylore’s story…Unique Way to Work with the Mind so There is No Back Talk. I love reading your story. I had started reading the book a longtime ago but put it down and life went on. I have thought of you often during the last year and have wanted to come down to revisit classes, especially Level 3. Also, I’m still interested in completing Laser Reiki. Please let me know when the Laser Reiki class is scheduled to begin as your LASER Reiki Web site shows Spring 2017 dates. Also, coming back down to participate in a Level 3 class. I’m hoping to renew my passion for Reiki. I’ve been taking Thai Yoga Massage classes in Seattle since last September and still have two more classes to complete for certification which probably will not happen until next year due to my instructor’s class schedules.
Thank you
Pam Ritz

BROCHURE Laser Reiki 2017

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Laser Reiki is a Facebook Page! Please Like us…

We can reach even more people with the Laser Reiki Facebook pages… Learn energy healing, have a happier life, associate with other energy healers. Support your happiness! Have fun and be healthy!

Laser Reiki is healing Light

Laser Reiki was founded in 1994 for helping the world become a better place w/Taylore, Roi & Yoli  Like this page!

Also please add Taylore Vance to your Facebook friends  we share lots of valuable information on Facebook!

Laser Reiki is Light and by beaming light you are helping the world

Laser Reiki is Light and by beaming light you are helping the world

Join the Friend of Reiki Ranch Group — on Facebook –  We send healing energy  to members and their families.

By joining us at the Reiki Ranch we all are helping to build a stronger bond  of Love – Light – Healing – for one and all!

Reiki Ranch teaches an easy way to move into abundance of all you desire in this physical, mental and emotional world. Health and wellbeing  are the first steps your birth right! Clear dark energy so you can move into your Godhood (a natural state that only a few obtain!)

Laser Reiki Healing Training Center

Laser Reiki Healing Training Center

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Laser Reiki for Practitioners

Practitioners around the world are aware that in order to compete and thrive they must constantly be open to new educational opportunities to expand their level of service adding value to their practice.

Increasingly practitioners in a variety of the healing arts seek out Laser Reiki as an extension of services available to their clients.

Practitioners Who Benefit from Laser Reiki

laser-reiki-medical-doctors-nurses-practitionersAll disciplines are enhanced with Laser Reiki including acupuncture, healing hands, reflexology, homeopathy, medicine, psychotherapy, clinical psychology and holistic medicine.

Doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, psychologists, massage therapists, therapists have the ability to add the Instant Pain Release of Laser Reiki as a holistic alternative for medical professionals and your Laser Reiki training is eligible for CEU (Continuing Education Unit) credits.

Holistic medical professionals embrace Laser Reiki’s unique array of healing systems bridging the gap between physical and metaphysical realms.

What is Laser Reiki?

laser-reiki-cosmic-energetic-healingWhile traditional Reiki is a natural way to let Universal healing energy flow through the body and heal others via touch, Laser Reiki is the secret advanced form of Reiki used by leading edge energy workers and light workers who enjoy the benefits of wielding a method that is hundreds of times quicker and more effective than standard Reiki.

Laser Reiki is at least a 6th dimensional (and/or higher) form of healing energy. (See: How does Laser Reiki differ from traditional Reiki?)

Benefits of Laser Reiki

Clients’ lives are radically transformed as health and healing are dramatically increased as Laser Reiki is administered affecting lives in the areas of love, romance, marriage, peace of mind, inner confidence, creativity, personal and spiritual growth.

Not being limited to traditional treatment models, Laser Reiki enhances psychology, overall wellbeing, brain health, innate skills, career and professional enhancement promoting prosperity in each individual.

Patients exposed to Laser Reiki not only experience the Instant Pain Release but also enjoy a greater awareness, spiritual awakening, expansion of consciousness, increased intuition and psychic sensitivity.

This increased quality of life promotes wellness in the mind, the body and the spirit benefiting family dynamics and relationships.

Laser Reiki Instructors

Your educators, Taylor Vance and Roi Richards provide educational opportunities for leading edge medical practitioners, metaphysical leaders, ministries and schools.

Laser Reiki is an excellent resource for individuals, couples, families and holistic healers.

Other Disciplines

Metaphysical, New Age, and New Thought movements embrace the Laser Reiki modality to expand their adult education programs for individuals seeking spiritual growth and cosmic consciousness.

Psychic Laser Reiki training is also available for teachers, spiritual and holistic healers, intuitive practitioners, ministers, pastoral counselors, past-life regression facilitators and mediums.

Other students of Laser Reiki include coaches, positive thinking instructors, self-help teachers, meditation leaders, astrologers, spirit mediums, channels, psychics, mystics and yogis.

Do I need to be a Reiki Master?

No prior experience or training in Reiki is required for Laser Reiki attunements. Your Laser Reiki training includes Reiki Master attunement(s).

Contact us for more information about upcoming Seminars and Classes.

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Trying to Please Everyone?

We all try to please others in one way or another... and how’s that working for you?
So many people try to please everyone.
Question: Who decides how you should be and what you should do??
How can you be everything to everyone? The task is unworkable because what others want from you is contradictory.
     One friend wants you this way — another wants you that way.
To satisfy one person’s desire might annoy another.
Many people think, “There is nothing more important than what others think of me!”  But the fact is — you can never fully win the approval of others.
What they see in you is only a reflection of them. If you do receive approval then it will only be short-lived. How others see you is not a reflection of you but it is a reflection of them. They see their stuff in you!
So, why try so hard to seek approval of others? Just seeking the approval of yourself is enough challenge. Learn to like yourself.
You are perfect just the way you are.
You are not broken; you do not need fixing!
You are unique!
There has never been another like you in all of time! See how many ways you can appreciate yourself!
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All is Energy! Are you enthusiastic?

If you are not controlling your states of being then who or what else is doing that? If you’re not as happy as you like — then why not be happier? Wouldn’t it be nice to be happier?

You may be thinking — how sweet it would be to be even more happier and enthusiastic about little things all day long?

Be Enthusiastic about flowere

Happiness might be flowers

Being enthusiastic about things in your life is a great place to start. Here’s a reprint of a  recent article by a dear friend Krysta who is from Monroe, WA.

“The most fortunate people on earth are those who live most of their lives in a state of energizing enthusiasm.” -Earl Nightingale
What about you? What are you enthusiastic about? It seems that most of the everyday details of our lives are pretty mundane. Not many hours of our days are spent in activities that engender enthusiasm. Who can get enthusiastic about washing dishes? Or commuting to work? Or changing the oil in one’s car? Boring, right?
Maybe. Maybe not. Doesn’t it all depend on attitude? Is it the activity that makes us enthusiastic or do we imbue the activity with our enthusiasm? I’ve experimented with this and here’s what I learned.
I can be enthusiastic about anything. Enthusiasm can be called forth at will. This is life-changing. Imagine being able to be enthusiastic about taking out the trash. Or being enthusiastic about brushing the dog. If you could do this, how would your life change?
In a huge way, that’s how. By bringing this uplifting, highly energetic, positive spirit to everything we do, life becomes alive in an entirely new way. We don’t have to wait for something to come along about which we naturally feel enthusiastic. We can feel enthusiastic about whatever we’re doing at the moment. Then we will experience the truth of Nightingale’s statement above.
We will be energized and fortunate. Give this a try this week and see what happens!

Krysta Gibson
New Spirit Journal

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How to clean your mental house to feel better now!

Pretty posters                                                                   Taylore and the huge sunflower
How to clean your mental house to feel better! Two steps
So your body is getting more fit, your diet has improved, but there’s still that piece of your mind that remains cluttered.
1)  Most people have bad mental hygiene and don’t know it. It is like some people have bad luck and they don’t know they caused it at some level. The run-away-mind creates many problems in life because it causes a person to experience those bad pictures.  The mind is thinking; the mind is creating. What you visualize you will experience. Does your mind make negative pictures or thoughts? Are these wanted or unwanted? Are you thinking correctly for where you want to go? These pictures/thoughts can be changed and only you have the power to do it. You are not your body, not your mind and you are not your thoughts. You are the one behind the scenes who controls your body, mind and thoughts.
When I have a negative thought or picture in my mind, I say, “Thank you for sharing! But that is not who I am. I’m not going there!” I then ASK this question, “How much better does it get? What else is possible?” (Important note — do not try to answer this question yourself!)
2)  You may be proud of your great intellect and your overpowering intelligence. You can easily win in arguments, discussions and debates. If you are a “know it all” then there is no room for your spirit to help you. Giving all your power to the intellect will stop spiritual progress.  The high Ego is pretty much the same thing. People will avoid you and want to spend their time with others who are more easy going people. Toning down the Ego and being a less of know-it-all will increase your friendships and allow your real nature to come out. What if there was a Grand Cosmic Being inside you? Give It room to grow and expand!
It would be great to get your head on straight. It’s easy to improve your mental health, and you’ve already taken the first step by looking into this article. Remember, it all starts from within, and you really are the controller.
     Your subconscious mind is the storehouse of memory, the seat of habit and instinct; it is also the center of emotion and its action is automatic. The subconscious is that marvelous phase of your mind that brings things into existence by the sheer power of thought. It is the spiritual part of us and through it we are connected with the Divine and brought into relation with Infinite constructive forces of the universe.
     The subconscious mind not only possesses the power and knowledge to build and repair your body; it is part of the Universal Mind and has Infinite resources at its command.      page 18, Ch 4, The Key To Yourself and Golden Keys to a Lifetime of Living by Venice J. Bloodworth ©2012

Ask for the real you to step out.  Go within and consistently Ask for Help …and you will get it!

 Next time we’ll discuss how holding on to grudges and past life influences rob you of peace and harmony.
Energy Healing Classes also help you by connecting you to the Infinite within you. Your connection is increased by about 20% with each level of Reiki that you take.
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Testimonials about Laser Reiki and Energy Healing Modalities

What is this Energy Healing all about? Is there really energy medicine?
Your connection to Source and clearing the energy blocks makes your life happier, healthier and pain free!
You might ask, “How can it help me?”

What if you were born with a nice package of professional software in your mind (computer) that would make your life a lot easier, but nobody ever thought to mention this secret tool to you? We humans are full of toxic beliefs and dogmas. Detox your body, mind and soul by removing blockages… Feel Lighter (Be able to hold even more Love, Light and Happiness directly from God!)

healing-hands-for-reikiYour connection to the God within is increased where you can clear blockages and more easily have the transformation  into a more powerful Being.  This connection also beings your dreams, desires, goals and wishes into the physical reality. You become happier, luckier and everything for your highest good starts to manifest.

cosmic-energetic-healingTestimonial: Went to the Reiki Ranch yesterday for a Laser Reiki healing on Physical abuse from childhood. It feels like I stepped into a new life which was part of the healing. I am thankful for the source and  Taylore for this wonderful gift. I am also thankful for Vipassana Meditation and Buddha for helping me realize the sensations where this energy was stuck. Laser Reiki had all the tools to instantly un stick me! May all beings be happy. Mike S. on facebook: FaceBook Group “Friends of the Reiki Ranch”

~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~~~


Hi Taylore and Roi, 

I would like to share my experiences with Laser Reiki that I learned about 10 years ago. At first I was not really using it very much other than for myself and close friends who let me try it on them. It has given me an additional degree of freedom to deal with challenges of life, being of spiritual as well as bodily nature. Nowadays I use it on a daily basis blessing friends and family as well as dealing with issues that show up in life. Asking questions to our angels and listening for answers, though you have to pay attention. Overall it has enhanced my connection to the universal spirit and strengthened my belief that I am responsible for overcoming my fears, which in the end eliminating all fears will liberate me.

Thank you and have a great rest of a day.


October 1, 2016


Testimonial of Instant Pain Release:

I went to last month’s Reiki workshop and I can whole-heartedly say that Reiki has completely changed my life!

I have had chronic back pain for going on ten years now, after more than my fair share of car accidents. After Taylore worked on me with her Laser Reiki, my back pain went away completely and immediately.

That weekend was my first pain-free weekend in years! After I went home, the pain would keep creeping back but would go away as soon as I Reiki’d myself. My back even went out on me after I worked too hard, something that happens regularly, and with the help of Reiki, I healed in only 3 days when it would normally take at least a week or more! Since then, I rarely feel pain. If I do, I lay my hands on myself and it goes away. I feel so good! And the best part is that I can help others in my life with this gift! I Reiki my friends and family all the time, whether they are standing next to me or live on another continent. Everyone is amazed at the energy they feel and at how quickly their pain dissipates! Besides all of the healing, I gained tremendous insights that weekend that I’ve been able to apply to my life.

The synchronicity in my life have skyrocketed, and the speed at which I manifest what I need is damn near instantaneous these days.
I cannot recommend the Reiki Ranch enough.
Taylore and Roi are amazing teachers!  by Monica R


Randy called us to report that since he attended a 2-day Reiki Master Weekend training class with us that he is now seeing auras and other people’s energy fields.

Wow, that is great



I’ve had the pleasure of taking the beginner to advanced Laser Reiki classes from Taylore & Roi, at the Reiki Ranch. I found Laser Reiki to be one of the best forms of energy therapy I’ve ever studied and/or personally practice. The classed are well presented, with the perfect balance of lecture, hands on practice, and group discussion. Before, in between, and after class, there is also the opportunity to participate in the shared meals/potluck, and enjoy the beauty and serenity of the Reiki Ranch, which add to the ”learning” experience.
Pam Taylor, L.M.P., L.M.T., Massage Instructor (retired); Reiki Master, Laser Reiki Master, author and editor.


This Laser Reiki Student has a better flow of Source energy:

So for me, the relative “ease” of laser Reiki and the lack of expectation that you had to perceive energy before you can heal helped me have the confidence to use it regularly on myself and others. Belief is everything and ironically it helped bring in more perception of energy for me. by Lesley Busch D. October 1, 2016



“Dear Taylore and Roi of the Reiki Ranch…

“The changes that have occurred since our weekend at Reiki Ranch have been stunning. In our hearts it feels like the battle is over and the victory is won. All the striving for a deeper heart felt real connection with God is over because it is here.

It is difficult at best to describe the transformation in our lives or the how’s and why’s. There is a hesitancy to do so knowing that for each one of us the experience itself is unique and precious. What I do know is that we were ready to receive this glorious presence of God in our lives and hearts. We were ready to be truly intimate with our Creator and willing to do His will. Perhaps even the idea that “we were ready” is too arrogant, as all things fall into His perfect timing.

Looking back I can see all the tinniest details of circumstances that shaped me, guided me and created the blueprint for who I have become and all the “why me’s?” have been answered. I have been Awakened is the only way to describe this transformation and the PEACE and Joy we are living with is so vast and all encompassing that I feel like I would have to explode in order to say THANK YOU loud enough.

“WE truly have been born again, brand new and living in all the gifts of the Spirit above and beyond all my hopes and dreams. Glory To GOD in The Highest. Thank You Jesus. Let it Ring in the Heavens.
Thank You!!!!”

The Energy Healing modality called Reiki requires an activation of your software already present in your brain/mind space. This activation process gives you a much closer connection to your higher self — which is pure joy and happiness.

Laser Reiki also requires an activation of software with symbols and this takes your life to a much higher dimension of beingness.

They say, “Money can’t buy happiness, but it sure helps in the journey in looking for it!” People buy things because they think the latest conquest, newest car, new electronic toy, date with an attractive man/woman, etc., will bring happiness. And it will — but only for a short time. Then the quest for outer happiness starts all over again…  (And money will not hinder you on your path for spiritual quest!)

Really, most of us are looking for that inner happiness – our connection with Source is pure joy! It has never really changed from the beginning of time when we came here to 3rd dimension to play this game.

  1. What if there were no separation between you and your creator?
  2. What if you are still totally connected to the Kingdom within?
  3. What if you were totally connected to Source Energy and you have really never left it?
  4. What if all the limitation you feel is just an illusion?
  5. Would this knowingness make a huge difference to how you feel?

~~~~~     ~~~~~~    ~~~~~~

Testimonial about Pain Release and having even more Happiness in my life:

Low energy equals pain and depression; high energy equals happiness and abundance. It is a simple process to learn in order to release the energy blockages and restore the high energy level where the person’s own body can heal itself. High energy brings happiness.

“Roi and I are the founders of Laser Reiki — an advanced energy healing modality – using Zero point energy.” explains Taylore Vance, “We know that Dr. Usui could not release all that he discovered about Reiki during his 20 years of constant research. He and Enki both have helped us bring forth the Instant Pain Release aspects of Reiki. We were shown how to find and remove the root cause of pain, disease, illness and reestablish the correct flow of Source energy in an individual. When the energy is cleared and a higher level of energy is applied the body itself is able to heal.”

Here’s what Ronald Walker, a journalist has to say about us in an article entitled: Healing Without Devices

Even though there have been thousands of reports of “so-called” miracle healings down thorough the ages, modern medicine considers it a fluke, a fake or that it wasn’t really a healing but a misdiagnosis in the first place.

Taylore and Roi have been doing some amazing energy healings since 1985. They discovered many new ways to use the process by 1990, and in 1994, they formally started teaching others to use and flow this natural zero-point energy. Their method is called Laser Reiki because the energy flows out their fingertips like a laser beam. (

It used to be thought certain people were special or gifted with the ability to transfer the healing energy. This couple has a long track record of proving everyone is hard-wired to use this source of energy to heal. The ability can be awakened in anyone just by introducing some energetic symbols (activation of software) into the subconscious mind. The human mind is uniquely designed to use the zero-point energy any way it chooses — whether it’s a healer flowing it directly out of the hands, someone inventing a gas device to change the world, and/ or an entrepreneur doing a thriving business because he knows how things works.

Their workshops will cover a little background on their discovery of this simple but profound energy healing method. They will show you how anyone can do it and cover a few of the simple techniques that you can learn to do yourself without any other training. After all — according to quantum physics — this life is a holographic game. You might as well learn the rules and enjoy the trip. (You’re already making the pictures in your mind that creates your reality.) Why not make it a reality that you really like?

Taylore and Roi realize talk is cheap, so if you have long standing pain of any kind (physical, mental, or emotional) make a little time for them at the beginning of the Laser Reiki class as they are able to find the root cause of any pain and can tell in advance what percentage of the pain can be removed from any person. Releasing energy blockages is a simple process and can be learned in a weekend class. It only takes a few minutes to make a noticeable difference by removing and transmuting the negative energy causing the pain, stress, sickness and even emotional issues. Schedule of the traditional Reiki Classes.  (

~~~~~    ~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~~~

Dear Taylore and Roi,

I wanted to Thank you both for the Laser Reiki clearings I have had. I felt wonderful, relieved, free and more energy. I have also had surgery in the past few weeks and I also gained more movement and less pain after the clearings. I am so excited as to what the future holds for me with this energy I have now and the insight I am gaining. Thank you both again and again! Angela  (dated August 8, 2013)

_ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

One of the testimonials in their files is from Dave, a retired city employee:
One might call this a miracle healing, but it only follows the natural laws of the universe. Dave came to one of Taylore and Roi’s Introductory talks they gave in Tacoma, WA, where the talk was followed by a healing demonstration of their instant pain release method. They asked for a show of hands of those in the audience that were in pain. More than half raised their hands. They chose an older man and as he got up and walked to the front of the room, it was clearly evident that his head was leaning over to one side of his body by 20 degrees. He had a frozen neck for two years, he’d been operated on twice with no improvement (they wanted another try, he said, No!) Dave had a medical retirement from the city, and he was in constant pain.Taylore and Roi wondered if they could do any good for him in the next few minutes. They checked with his subconscious mind through muscle testing – asking the questions, “Can we do any good for Dave’s body in the next 5 minutes? Will it make a noticeable change in the position of the head? What percent of the pain can be transmuted?” The answers were: yes, yes and about 60% change.
They started a Laser Reiki energy healing process to release the emotional root cause of the neck pain and condition and the head became more erect on the body, the pain reduced about 60% and Dave was optimistic for the first time in two years. It only took a few minutes to affect these changes. He had a complete recovery after attending one of their weekend Laser Reiki workshops and is still pain free and standing erect today 9 years after the treatments.

So if you really want to make any kind of life change give Taylore and Roi a try!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

“Dear Taylore and Roi,

“Thank you so much for offering the energy clearing calls where you are using Laser Reiki.  It is just what I have needed for a long time.

“Last Tuesday before the first call on Wed. I was very down emotionally.  At one point I told God that if this was all that life had for me, It was never going to be better,  I would never get to realize my dreams, Just stuck, day in and day out.  That never mind, no thank you, just take me out.  I no longer wanted to live.

“Taylore and Roi did many energy clearings on the call.  Many of them applied to me.  Taylore brought up energy blockages that I had not thought of before.  Right after the call was over, I felt better.  Over the course of the next few days I felt better each day.  Now, everyday looks more brighter and more hopeful. I am freer in spirit and more happy.

“With Deep Appreciation.                                               by  Anonymous   July 30, 2013

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Dear Taylore and Roi,   date: Feb 1, 2014

It’s really wonderful to hear from you again, my old friends. I’m so happy you’re having the great life with gratitude.  Thanks for keeping me on your friends list. It helps me to remember the great course work in Laser Reiki we did. Always useful.   w/love,  Ali    at

The Finest thing we can do for ourselves and for the rest of the world is to Receive Divine Love and Share Our Source..

Why do you need a Laser Reiki attunement or activation?

  • It is like up grading a computer – the computer runs better and faster! Well, so does your body, mind and flow of energy run better with a Laser Reiki attunement — you are operating at a higher level. Plus the several days of  training helps you become happier about everything in your whole life!
  • It makes your life easier, more fun, healthier and even more prosperous.

It is like a “jack-of-all-trades master software program being put into the computer’s hardware (the mind). Without the software programming the computer is unable to process input, or information. The computer can’t act on its own without some kind of programming. The human mind starts out as blank pages and then we learn to work hard to get an education, work hard to get money, struggle to have a life, etc. What if you could reprogram your life in just 4 days?

Parents share  their hard luck stories with their children. Right or wrong that’s our programming and it most often leaves us feeling “not good enough.” and not liking ourselves.(This early programming may be the cause of some of the financial problems in our lives and pain in our bodies.) A mother might tell her son, “We’re not that kind of people to go into that store and shop with the rich.”  “Don’t talk to strangers.” etc. At an early age it’s all a psychological blueprint that defines our future life at a low level of existence. It can be upgraded, bad programming released and reprogrammed.

Who are we? What’s the Reiki done for us? Why should you listen to us?

Laser Reiki connects us to source energy and therefore our dreams manifest a lot faster. The clearing process we teach can be felt as the blockages are released. The body and mind become lighter, happier, and it is easier to become enlightened. Happiness flows without effort. Health and youthfulness are easier to maintain.You see the difference in yourself and others. Students talk about how better they feel. Pain and stress go away.

$$ – On the financial side In 1990 when we arrived in Washington State, we were living in the woods in a small rented spot of land in an old RV, and because of the increased consciousness (Reiki) —  now we are living at the Reiki Ranch — a $$ million dollar, 22 acre tree farm — where we established our healing school complete with an old time school bell. The Laser Reiki has cleared us to receive financial Blessings from God.

Hummm? Would you like to learn this process so you can fully use your secret software that achieves your dreams? We teach your how to correctly use the Law of Attraction!

Come and spend the weekend with us while we help you to clear the pathway to …your ideal life! Be free of stress

Check out the – Laser Reiki Level 1-4, a 5-day awesome fun filled workshop at the Reiki Ranch. Starts on Wednesday and continues until Sunday afternoon. Check out the details at the Reiki Ranch energy healing retreat! Here’s a description of the Laser Reiki workshop at the

  • Instructions are given in PowerPoint visuals with a workbook where you fill in the answers
  • Energy clearing demonstrations are provided at each step
  • Examples are followed by a practice exercise where each student received multi – multi healings each day.
  • Results of the energy clearing are measured by David Hawkins scale. I is very high on the chart of higher consciousness.

This is a constantly growing method so we’ve made it possible for returning students to retake the updated seminar for a discounted fee! New information is coming in for every class. And each class is different because of the  people and issues involved.

 — — — — — — —

 This is you chance to join us… It start with simple steps that are easily to follow. It is free to join the newsletter.  We’re making a difference in the world.

We’re doing this…  Taylore



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Are You Broken? Have You Felt Broken?

We all are on a journey called life. Sometime things break down: your car, your dishwasher, toilet, and other things around you. Sometimes people break down: a death in the family, a breakup, a divorce, a betrayal, a fight with a friend, a sickness, an accident, etc. I’ve been broken  — by the death of both of my parent in 3 month period, by a sickness, by a relationship that went sour, by a divorce, by having my job eliminated with a reduction in force, and other stuff.

Have you also felt broken?  Do things around you break? What do your do? How long does it take for you to bounce back and be stronger than ever? Has life given you a mysterious truth about what’s inside of you that helps you bounce back? Have you noticed when things get so bad that you go within and contact this mysterious power and miraculous things get better or they don’t feel that bad anymore?

Maybe it really is a good thing when things go bad?

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