Bringing Our Dreams into Reality

By Taylore Vance ©2001

I wonder what it would be like to have a small Kubota tractor to work our yard and garden? My husband, Roi, and I saw a Kubota display at the SW Washington Fair about 4 years ago. We looked them over very carefully. I picked up a flyer on small 12 horse power Kubotas. Upon arriving home I took the scissors and trimmed a small photograph of the tractor I wanted. It had both a front loader and a backhoe. I taped the photo to the refrigerator door. I made the statement to the Universe, “This is what I want! Thank you, God!”

We never actively sought to purchase one because we did not want to go into debt. They were all too expensive for the average person to buy out of pocket change or even a small savings account. The tractor we wanted costs $20,000 new. Sometimes we would look for one in the Nickel Want Ad Paper and make a phone call periodically, but we weren’t holding our breath. Even the used ones we found were still too expensive. A couple of our friends have Kubotas. We always admired the versatility of these tractors. We noticed how well they worked for their small size. Now, all we needed to do is to find one that fits our budget.

We teach Cosmic Energetic Healing and help people manifest more prosperity in their lives. Why after 4 years didn’t we have the tractor we wanted? We have had quite a few out right manifestations in our lives. What does manifesting mean? It means to bring one of your dreams/thoughts forward into reality. Here in the physical (third dimension) it usually takes place over a period of time and includes the actions of several people.

When we came out to the NW from Arkansas we drove out here in a motorhome then we lived in it. Living in a motorhome is pretty cramped after a few months because it is so small. We are now living in a doublewide mobile home 24 X 65 feet that was manifested. Well, we did pay one dollar for it to make the paperwork legal. It didn’t just pop out of thin air, like you might manifest a feather. We ran an ad in the newspaper. It read: Couple wants a mobile home to fix up. Must be reasonable. Have cash. Write to Grace and we gave the address. The man had to write us and then we had to play phone tag with his answer machine from a pay phone. It took two weeks to finally talk to him.

When we finally made contact with Sam the owner we found that we were second on his list to get the mobile home (MH). We then visualized the MH neatly parked on our lot. We thanked God in advance for helping us understand that She had already taken care of our new home situation even better than we could have done it ourselves. It helps to not to worry or be tied to a specific outcome because it could be even better than you could imagine. Once you take the worry out of the situation it is freed up to move in your direction. Worry and fear are blocks to being able to receive. They will actually push away your desired target.

We were given the MH. Yeah! (Celebrate!) We prepared it to move to our location ourselves. We put on the axles, wheels and trailer hitch. We took the double wide apart and covered the open side with black plastic and wood strips. It was ready for transportation. We went to get permission from Issaquah county to move it and found that it had $345 owed for back taxes. It was valued at $24,000. We had to paid the back taxes to get it released. When we told Sam about the back taxes he reimbursed us. Yeah! (Celebrate!) It helps to celebrate when manifesting because the angels then know they are moving in the right direction. They have tremendous power, but little understanding of the 3rd dimension!

In manifesting it also helps to be familiar with the object of desire. We had rebuilt MHs for five years and were comfortable with fixing one up. There were very few unknowns about this deal. The fewer the unknowns the better the manifestation. Fear of the unknowns will keep you apart from your desired object. If you want to bring your dream into reality get familiar with it. Read about how others do it. Find a mentor. Find success stories. Make a written plan listing the first thing you need to do. Have goals. Have a mission. Make a time chart or flow chart. Start taking action steps. Get pictures of your dream or desire. What does the done-deal feel like?

After our big manifestation of the MH the flow of free stuff was almost never ending. We found many things we needed and it was all free, such as, cedar slabs to make the raised garden beds, all sorts of barrels to store water, hundreds buckets to store food and supplies, free fire wood, etc.

Trust that your supply is the Source (God) and its vehicles are the people. The Source is unlimited and its supply is everlasting. Only your degree of preparation and allowing can keep it from you.

We still had the photo of the Kubota on the refrigerator door. After 4 years and no tractor made us wonder if we were following our own advice? I asked my angels, “What is missing? Why don’t we have the tractor?” Within a few days we heard about a neighbor moving out of the area and wanting to give away his garage. He had to clear his lot for the sale. This would give us a chance to build a shed where we might park the Kubota. We took him up on his offer. We dissembled the garage, hauled it home and reconstructed the garage. Now we had the home for the dream tractor.

A week after we built the shed we were in a meeting and Roi “happened” to sit next to a man who owns a local Kubota agency. He just “happened” to receive a used Kubota with front loader and backhoe on consignment earlier that day. It was just what we were looking for and at the right price. It couldn’t have been a better match! We now have the tractor just as we wanted and at a reasonable price. Yeah! (Celebrate!)

Less than two weeks after we built the shed we had the tractor parked under it. Our dream Kubota tractor finally came home to roost. And we are happy! We could keep it 10 years and use it and still sell it for every penny we paid. How did the tractor get off the refrigerator door and into our hands? After 4 years what made the difference? What was the turning point? It was that we built the shed where we could park it. We were now ready to receive!

Remember the movie Field of Dreams where the famous words spoken, “Build It and They Will Come!” This is a good example. We must do the ground work and make a place for our manifestation. If you want a million dollars then make plans on where you will store it and how you will spend it. That will help to facilitate the flow of energy toward the desired goal. Remember to have even more fun and celebrate along life’s journey.

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