How Traditional Reiki and Laser Reiki Are Similar

Traditional Reiki and Laser Reiki Have Some Similar Attributes

  • You are not using your own energy.
  • You are using the Universal energy/God force energy.
  • The Reiki Energy seems to know what to do to restore wellness to the body.
  • The more clients you heal the better you feel because you are not using your own energy. (Besides as you fill your body with the Life Force Energy you get the first use of it while you are working with clients.)
  • Reiki practitioners do not take on any of the aliments, karma, diseases, illnesses, aches, pains or bad feelings from the client. (Your Reiki Master teacher must instill this into your mind and it will become true for your practice.)
  • The more detached you are from the outcome, the better the client is healed. You can do remote healings (long distance healings) when the practitioner is level 2 or higher.
  • Reiki is a major healing modality in energy medicine, alternative healing, holistic health, hands of light, pain free, pain gone, Chinese energetic healing, Chi gong, chi, alternative health and wellness. (Some of these descriptions may be copyrighted.)
  • Reiki is known worldwide.
  • These Reiki healing energies will do no harm to the client. (There could be a healing crisis or detoxification of the body, but that is natural. This can be mostly avoided in Laser Reiki because you will be taught how to transmute the toxins. The toxins released will be changed to useful energies that the body needs for repair and rebuilding.) It helps to be a clear channel to flow Reiki.
  • Before healing others — Heal and clear yourself, clean your aura and align your energy to do only the highest good.
  • Reiki and Laser Reiki heal on various levels of consciousness, such as: emotional, mental, spiritual, genetic and physical. Laser Reiki also heals past, present future, parallel and other dimensional lives using the subconscious mind to find the root cause of the disease or pain. It doesn’t matter where or when the root causes might be found, it is an easy task to clear these energy blockages with these simple techniques.

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