Ghost Busting in Panama City

By Taylore Vance ©2000
While I was visiting my daughter Yoli in Panama City, Republic of Panama I had a chance to try my method of ghost busting in a haunted house. I wasn’t consciously looking for a job like that. In fact, I was in the process of putting together an evening presentation on “How to Clean Your Body, Mind and Soul”. For the seminar I was also preparing some exercises on overcoming fear.

I usually go to Panama every year to visit my two children and three grandchildren. I also have quite a few friends there because I lived in Panama City and worked in the Canal Zone for 18 years. I moved to the USA in 1980. Since I started teaching energy healing in 1985, I have taught many Panamanian Reiki students when I visit Panama every 6 months. Reiki is an ancient healing method that is easily learned. It includes the laying on of hands, but is not limited to only that. I enjoy the friendly Latin American people who are eager to learn more spiritual principles at each of my many visits. I make my home in Washington state with my life’s mate Roi Halse. Sometimes he travels with me, but this time I made the trip alone.

One evening Yoli and I went to see the movie “The Blair Witch” and the next day she told me that she was scared for several hours after she went to bed. She finally got a picture of the virgin Mary and slept with it. We talked about fear and how many people suffer from it. We noticed in the movie that the actors never prayed or asked for protection from a higher power. During their trip into the woods to film a documentary about the Blair witch they were complaining, fighting, cursing and blaming their circumstances on each other. It was an interesting movie because the photography was filmed by the members of the group. The camera bounced and dipped as they walked along through the bushes. It took a while to get used to all the camera movement. They never showed the witch, but through their own terror and little signs of the witch’s activity they portrayed a psychological terror that stayed with the viewer. Everybody was talking about this movie.

I began to wonder what I would have done differently if I had been one of the group in the woods with the Blair witch. There is a Universal law that goes with “I wonder what it would be like…….”. Once you say or think those words: “I wonder….” things began to happen. Wheels within wheels begin to turn and the Universe gives you a similar scenario to experience. This is how my ghost story began to unfold. I wondered what I would do in the presence of evil? Would I pray? Would I chant sacred names? Would I call upon God, Jesus – the Christ, my higher self, an angel or my guardian angel? Would I fight the evil entity? Would I throw holy water or make the sign of the holy cross? I didn’t know what I would do.

Still I was looking for a location to hold my evening seminar. I made a few phone calls to people who helped me last year put on training classes. I called Colonel Gonzales who retired from the National Guard. He said I should come to his house the next day for lunch with his family. He knew of a possible seminar location I should call about.

I went to the Colonel’s house for lunch as planned. They served a very delicious fish soup that the Colonel himself had cooked. There was another lunch guest invited who was from Spain and had studied bio-feedback machines in Miami. The Colonel is always interested in visitors to Panama especially those in the alternative healing fields. After lunch he asked me to do healings for the family. I am always more than happy to do energy healing.

I soon finished the healings. We made a couple of phone calls and found a suitable location for the healing presentation I was giving. I was getting ready to go when the phone rang. The Colonel answered it then motioned me to sit down and wait. I was eager to go see the location so I could finish my flyer with the details about where my presentation was going to be. I wasn’t paying attention to the telephone conversation because I had no idea it would have anything to do with me. After about 10 minutes into the conversation the Colonel passed the phone to me saying, “You might be able to help this man. He’s in his upper seventies and doesn’t know who to go to for help. He has trouble with some ghosts in his house since his wife died. His name is Jose and he is really upset.”

I took the phone and was glad he spoke pretty good English. I don’t use my Spanish, but once or twice a year and it gets pretty rusty. Jose made an appointment for me to come over in a few days to see what could be done about his pesky ghosts. I had no idea what to do with ghosts. I just left it open to let Spirit guide me.

I had quite a bit of work to do over the next few days, with my presentation posters and advertising the seminar. I didn’t give much thought to the ghost busting. I’m a teacher and a healer first. I am not interested in fighting evil. I know – that which you fight only gets stronger. It will live off your energy and try to pull you into it. But I also knew there might be something I could do to help this old gentleman with his problems. It was no accident we found each other. His problems were now my problems.

When the appointed time came around I arrived at 7 p.m. at Jose’s home. It was just after dark. He was waiting for me in his lighted door way. His 42 year old autistic son, Juan Jose, was sitting in the front seat of his automobile parked in the open garage. I said “hello” to them both and went inside the home with Jose. His home was in disarray with clutter all over. He began to show me things the ghosts had done. In his bedroom was a pile of women’s clothes which he said was placed there during last night. He showed me crumpled newspaper in tight balls and half built newsprint airplanes. He had saved them on a top shelf so that his son couldn’t get to them. Jose took a newspaper in his hands and showed me the kind of crackling sounds he hears during the nights. All this he blamed on the restless phantoms of his home.

At times he was able to see them. As he looked across the room he questioned me, “Do you see that person over there using the telephone?” I shook my head No and asked, “What do you think it is?” He replied, “I think it is my wife, and she’s dead. You know, I don’t believe in these things.” He seemed a little upset that I couldn’t see anything in particular where he was pointing. Although I don’t usually see energy fields I do have a way to check those fields for correct energy flow and energy blockages. I wondered if this would work on ghosts.

In my healing work I connect with my subconscious mind through muscle testing. I then ask it to connect with the subconscious mind of others. Muscle testing has been used since the 1930’s to receive feed back from the body. I can receive “yes” and “no” answers to most any question I can think of. This is very useful when finding the root cause of dis-eases in the body. The subconscious mind will answer these questions. It does not die with the body. It stays with the person after death and through other incarnations. It keeps complete records of their experiences and feelings. The subconscious mind will tell me “yes” and “no” answers to my questions by using the fingers muscles. It will hold the fingers tight for “yes” and for “no” it will allow the fingers to pull apart when pressure is applied. Using these techniques I asked if indeed there was an entity or ghost at the telephone. Yes! Was it a woman? Yes! Was it Jose’s wife? Yes! Jose felt much better knowing he wasn’t going crazy and that I sensed a relief about it, too.

Next, Jose took me into the kitchen and showed me inside the freezer. There was a brown paper bag in the center and it looked like it might have a one-half pint of ice cream inside. He asked me, “Do you see the skull?” No! I didn’t see it. He showed me where the eyes and mouth were on the paper bag. I didn’t know what to do with this. I just picked it up and turned the bag around so it faced the back of the freezer. I told him to let me know if it turned back around by itself. If it did we might have a problem. I was wondering if Jose was hallucinating or maybe these ghosts were getting to him. He hadn’t been able to work for the last month because his nerves.

We returned to the living room where we cleared off a space on the dinning room table. I pulled out my notebook I use for healing. I needed to have a list of questions so I could get a better picture of the nature of these spirits. Jose was most helpful in helping me form a list of questions. As I asked the questions the yes’ and no’s gave me positive input I could use for healing Jose’s problem. I found there were three dis-incarnate human beings and one spirit dog present in his home. One spirit was his dead wife, Marisa Mendez, who died just one month ago, another was their son, Felix, who had died several years ago and the other was a strange man not related. They were very restless and Marisa was the one who stirred things up.

As I asked questions through my muscle testing I found out Marisa was very jealous of other women around her husband. She always had been very jealous Jose told me. About that time three neighbor women showed up. They had been praying for him and his son. They had also been trying to rid the house of these spirits, but with no permanent results. We made our introductions. I told them what I planned to do and invited them to stay. Jose and I were still seated at the table and the women formed a semicircle around me standing behind me while I continued to communicate with Marisa who I determined to be the strongest of the ghosts. The ladies began to add their energy to mine. I called on my four angels, five spirit guides and five ascended Reiki masters to assist me in this healing.

Marisa was more jealous than ever now with four women in her home with her husband. I told her that we were here to heal the situation in her home not to steal her husband. And that she should think of us as sisters and not a threat. We came to help her and her husband and nothing more. She seemed to settle down a little.

I asked her if I could heal her so she might go on to heaven. She said, “No.” I thought to myself , “She sounds like a real stubborn spook.” I continued to communicate with her. She said that she wanted to stay around so she could take care of her family. She didn’t think they could get along without her. She was determined to stay in the house. What she didn’t know was – she was driving Jose crazy with all the ghostly disturbances. She was probably mad because he could not see her at first. I figured she removed his veil so he could see her. (I believe that we sign a contract not to see other realities when we come to live a lifetime in the third dimension.) There is nothing more annoying to ghosts than to be ignored by their loved ones. When someone’s body dies, we usually can’t see them as before. They have to use a lot of energy to get our attention. I needed to get her permission to work with her. So, I asked her if I could call upon her angels to help? She said, “Yes.” So then I counted her angels. Marisa had four angels with her. She seemed pleased to know this.

I questioned her if she felt good enough to go to heaven? She said, “Yes.” Sometimes the departed ones think that they may have sinned and feel guilty. They are actually afraid to go to the light. They are afraid they will be judged by God. Their guilty thoughts actually holds them in between the worlds. At least that was not her problem. I continued my healing techniques.

I noticed that her soul had pieces missing. I asked her if she minded if her angels helped restore her missing soul fragments. When we have strong emotions (either positive or negative) the soul will fragment leaving little pieces with others and others exchanging little pieces, too. I counted the number of missing soul fragment and asked the angels to find them all, to heal them and return them to their proper places. People do exchange soul fragments. I’ve heard people say, “When he left me it was like my heart was torn out!” Or. “One part of me died with him.” It is because each of those fragments are still attached by little strings of energy. A healing needs to be done to restore the missing soul fragments. After that her soul was returned to its bright and healthy state of being. We also returned the soul fragments she had received from others.

Next, I asked Marisa if I could count any dis-embodied entities that might be occupying her body. She said, “Yes.” I found 10 with her. One had a big demon in it. I asked her if I could heal and release the demon. She said, “Yes.” I confronted the demon. It looked to be large black glob of negative energy. I asked all the angels to shine their heavenly light upon the demon. It tried to hide, but then began to turn to light. It was quickly healed and freed to go to the light with the angels. I asked the freed demon to look for and free any other demons. It gladly helped and freed seven other ones who were hiding from the light.

He knew exactly where they were.

That still left the 10 dis-embodied entities in her astral body and aura. I told her that they weren’t doing her any good and they needed to go home to the light. With the help of the angels they too, were convinced to leave. Marisa became a new person. She was happier, lighter and could think more clearly. With her angels she began to help me heal the other ghosts. We followed my game plan of healing each one just like I healed her. Soon all the ghosts including the dog were cleaned up and healed.

Now I had only three healings to go: Jose, Juan Jose and the house. I knew she wouldn’t leave until they were healed, too. The next three healings went smoothly because I used the energy from the ghost group and all their angels. The worst was the son, Juan Jose. He was full of demons. He had over 100 demons and demonic devices on his body. I called upon the first demon who we healed and he was very willing to help. He had been tricked by the devil into thinking he was doomed for eternity and could never return to the light. He was very happy to be one again with the light and see himself healed. He quickly freed all the other demons and took them to the light with him. This was definitely a win-win situation!

The major question of getting Marisa to leave the house was again asked. I suggested that she leave her angels here on earth with Jose since she would be going to Heaven and probably not needing them for some time. She agreed and left taking the other ghosts with her.

We all felt a great weight lifted. Jose was bone tired, looked spaced out, and had nothing to say. I have no idea if he believed any of this happened at all. The three ladies were most impressed. They said they had never seen anything like this before. They asked about me, so I handed them my flyer on “How to clean your Body, Mind and Soul” seminar which was to be held in two days. My daughter arrived to picked me up with her girl friend and we all went out to a late dinner. They were eager to hear the ghost story and amazed that I wasn’t even tired. In fact I was energized. I never use my own energy. As a Reiki Master I use the Universal Life Force energy which flows naturally through each of us.

As a follow up report, the ladies came to my seminar. During the seminar I told about the ghost busting episode. The ladies assured me that big changes had happened in the house with Jose and his son. It was much better now. The house was in order and cleaned up. The son did not moan and howl as before. He still did make noises, but they were more of a happy sound now. All I can say is, “Thank you God!” And “Life is good!”

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