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Laser Reiki Workshops and Courses
In this section we have energy healing information here. Want to cover extensive information on what Laser Reiki is? To learn more about Laser Reiki itself, please click on Laser Reiki.

It provides extensive information about the difference between traditional Reiki and this “Light Years Ahead” form of Laser Reiki. It is a very informative piece so please be sure to take a few minutes to read it carefully. View Course Schedule and Rates for Regular Reiki.    <<Click here

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Traditional Reiki Series

Cosmopathic Success Seminars (NEW PROGRAM 2-Day)

Laser Reiki Series

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  1. Sue says:

    Hello, I have a customer, a Reiki master, who is currently incarcerated. He has asked me to look for any books about Laser Reiki,; I have not found any yet. Do you have or are you aware of any books or articles that might give some instruction on this?? I appreciate your help.


    Answer: We have a Laser Reiki workshop coming up. Are you free yet?

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