We Learned How to Manifest! Can we help you?

What could you could learn  from a couple who manifested the Reiki Ranch from nothing?

We Learned How to Manifest (bring things into you life) using the Law of Attraction along with the Reiki Energy! How about you? What have you brought into being starting with nothing? (Well, we did not really start with nothing — we had the knowledge of the Law of Attraction  — and the power of Reiki!)  Knowledge will set you free!

We’re the people who manifested a $750,000 Reiki Ranch from zero — and we really had nothing to start with but desire:

  • We were living in the woods with no money
  • No credit
  • No job
  • No bank account for the 10 years prior and now we’re here!  (Sure we make payments, but who doesn’t!)

How did we do it? We had knowledge of the Law of Attraction!  We studied it like a college course.

What if your energy is aligned with personal power — like Reiki? Reiki helped us align the energy for success and clear emotional blockages so the Universe could bring forth the ranch.The Universe want to give you things!

When you have energy blockages everything is stuck. All your desires are like airplanes – circling the airport trying to find a place to land in your life! How can you clear these energy blockages so your dreams and desires can come to you?

There is a simple Laser Reiki procedure for quickly removing energy blockages so you can receive your dreams.

We also have a Free course for you! You may not think you can afford the Laser Reiki Courses… How can you not afford to walk in the path of an enlightened being where your dreams and goals come more easily? We have a Free Reiki 1 course


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