Trying to Please Everyone?

We all try to please others in one way or another... and how’s that working for you?
So many people try to please everyone.
Question: Who decides how you should be and what you should do??
How can you be everything to everyone? The task is unworkable because what others want from you is contradictory.
     One friend wants you this way — another wants you that way.
To satisfy one person’s desire might annoy another.
Many people think, “There is nothing more important than what others think of me!”  But the fact is — you can never fully win the approval of others.
What they see in you is only a reflection of them. If you do receive approval then it will only be short-lived. How others see you is not a reflection of you but it is a reflection of them. They see their stuff in you!
So, why try so hard to seek approval of others? Just seeking the approval of yourself is enough challenge. Learn to like yourself.
You are perfect just the way you are.
You are not broken; you do not need fixing!
You are unique!
There has never been another like you in all of time! See how many ways you can appreciate yourself!
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