Summer question: Can you be in the present moment?

How was your summer?

Did you have some quality time to yourself?

What kind of  high awareness moment did you experience this summer? Big things are happening on the inner (invisible) realms. Are you seeing or felling it? Are you living in the now? Good things are happening!

Some say “present moment awareness” is so simple. Hummm? But the ego doesn’t like you to be in the present. You can see that the ego is pushing you out of Being in the present moment — to travel to some imaginary point in the future (as if the future will bring more happiness than anything could now) , or the ego is trying to fix things in the past (as if this is more important than being here in the now). Usually the past is full of anger, blame, remorse, regret, guilt, etc.

When you chose to have a few experiences in the Present Moment Reality is the end of the ego and end of illusion (worry, anxiety and fear.) The Ego knows when it is losing power, and will resist you staying present. Did you have a moment in time when you relaxed into Beingness?

How often are you  fully in the present moment?

Present moment awareness brings peace, joy, calm and sanity to your life. It exposes your ego and puts you in touch with your true self. Also you are not broken — there is nothing to fix! You just need to be present and then you will see the beauty within yourself.

Rhodie at the the Reiki Ranch

We had a great summer experimenting with the new live action water structuring water devices making the garden water alive and also we were adding more sheep barn compost to the organic garden. The Natural Action Structured Water Units are amazing.

Adding Compost to the Reiki Ranch garden

Adding Compost to the Reiki Ranch garden

Last year we added about $400 of sand to the garden. We had a dump truck load delivered. It took 2 days with the little Kubota front loader tractor to spread it (about 50 trips.) Thank God for Tom helping us.

We put too much sand in some places and the potatoes did not grow. The sand overall helped the garden because it was too much clay and too compacted. This year the soil was much looser and we could work the soil earlier (late spring time instead of a month later.) We’re in Washington State and the growing season is real short compared to southern states. We need to get the beds ready on time or we’ll miss part of the growing season. Our potatoes were waste high and made large hills of new organic potatoes.

  • You need to have loose soil with the correct amount of clay, sand, compost, organic material, minerals and rich loam
  • You have to start getting the growing beds ready before it is time to plant
  • It is a constant job of adding new compost every year
  • Your soil should be full of earth worms

We are having the best gardening summer ever. I told you two years ago that we were hanging bottles of Royal Liquid Manna  (oxygen charged water  – Tesla technology) in our cistern (the concrete pool of water that collects mountain springs that feed the Reiki Ranch water system.) That was an energetic leap to healthier plants and healthier bodies. And this year we have had an even bigger leap! The Natural Action Structured Water Units have made a large improvement in the gardens as well as in the house –  kitchen and shower.  The water is much softer and full of life force energy. Lots of people have removed their water softener treatment systems and are saving money now.

This year we are watering all plants with the natural Action Tech water structuring deices attached to the end of the watering hoses. The plants are loving all the alive water we are feeding them…   It is very good for people, too!

By drinking the Natural Action Structured Water ourselves and eating the vegetables we grow with all the attention we are giving the garden, I feel that our bodies are improving and getting stronger, too! We work hard on the ranch and have very few if any aches and pain. We might be becoming  even younger? We are doing energy clearings, blessing our food we eat, eating from the land, drinking structured water, relaxing the ego and focusing on Love, Light and expansion.

We have been reading about the Grand Cosmic Beings and Adam Abraham recently recorded a voice reading of The Door of Everything by Ruby Nelson.  Adam Abraham and Della Causey Hale stopped by the Ranch to visit us and stayed a few days this summer.  The recording is  here: Click ->  Could you be a Grand Cosmic Being? What would it take for you to start experiencing IT?

Some Reiki Ranch pictures below…

Flowers at the Reiki Ranch

Flowers at the Reiki Ranch

Looking toward the Reiki Ranch school

Looking toward the Reiki Ranch school

The Blue Jays are having a ball with the sunflowers at the Reiki Ranch

The Blue Jays are having a ball with the sunflowers

some kind of spaghetti squash that Yolanda planted at the Reiki Ranch

some kind of spaghetti squash that Yolanda planted

Reiki Ranch grows potatoes in the organic garden

One hill of potatoes from the garden


Our firewood for the winter

DSCN1360 DSCN1363 DSCN1370 DSCN1371

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