Laser Reiki Energy Healing Workshops

Laser Reiki level 1-4. Six months energy healing Workshop – one weekend a month.

Next class Starts: November 5th-6th, 2016 and runs for 6 months

Special $999.00 when booked ahead of event (Regular $2500.00)

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Laser Reiki workshopsLaser Reiki Weekend Series of Workshops

For the next 7 days you will be able to sign up for only $200 and the discount price is locked in for all 6 weekends (pay individually.)  Sign up now!  Regular price is $300 for each weekend.
Laser Reiki Class 1 • November 5-6, 2016
Laser Reiki Class 2 • December 3-4, 2016
Laser Reiki Class 3 • January, 2017
Laser Reiki Class 4 • TBA date in February 2017
Laser Reiki Class 5 – TBA date in March 2017
Laser Reiki Class 5 – TBA date in April 2017

Sign up now for the first class and receive a $100 discount. Click the Paypal button and pay only $200

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 Here are a few Laser Reiki skills – for Instant Pain Release – you will learn this and much more:

  • You learn how to clear ancient blockages on yourself and others!
  • Find and delete present, past and future energy blockages in moments
  • Heal the disease called financial hardship and struggle
  • Get rid of ancient family curses
  • Find the root cause of any disease and delete it
  • Learn how to improve relationships and/or attract a mate
While taking the series of Laser Reiki Classes you will receive energy clearing from the founders and other class members several times a day. As you learn these seemly magical energy clearings, you not only are practicing on others, but you will receive the same treatments yourself from 12 different points of view — the other students!
  • Improve your connection to the your grand inner being
  • Increase your happiness, joy and fun!
  • Improve your relationships
  • Find the root cause of any disease and delete it!
  • Be even more lucky in any endeavor!
 NOTE: You need no special training to enroll in the first Laser Reiki class!
We are limiting the class to 12 students! Want to be included in this amazing experience?
It’s All about Laser Reiki – the hidden side of Reiki!
You have heard the saying, “You are not a human having a spiritual experience; YOU are a Spirit having a human experience.” Right?Yep, that’s who you REALLY are – a spirit!  Believe me, most people don’t know how to connect with this bigger part of their self. Some call this real ‘you’ the higher self, your grand inner being, or the “I AM”.
To sign up Call 1-360-748-4426.
Respond ASAP!   We have many methods of payments:  credit cards, Paypal, checks, Money Orders or cash!
Invite a friend to also attend a class with you.
Roi and Taylore
Herb (Roi) and Taylore

The Reiki Ranch
1673 S Market Blvd. #143  (mailing address)
Chehalis, WA 98532
Tel. 360-748-4426

PS: Natural health products that we both take are here: — Instant Pain Release classes & Reiki Master Classes – hands-on-healing training makes your life happier! **Roi’s book – “Lyme Disease Non-Medical Diagnosis And Treatment: How I kicked Chronic Lyme Disease in One Year for Pennies this is a 299 cent book on Amazon. Printed version for only $7.00. Please share this information to save lives.
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  1. violet says:

    I am seeing if I can attend the one day lazer reiki intro/healing. I m hope I can attend. Ii at least want to meet ya’ll, and see your store. There’s supplements you carry that I might want to purchase at least. Thank you for the invite. The long distant learning I have been doing lacks comradeship.

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