Are You Broken? Have You Felt Broken?

We all are on a journey called life. Sometime things break down: your car, your dishwasher, toilet, and other things around you. Sometimes people break down: a death in the family, a breakup, a divorce, a betrayal, a fight with a friend, a sickness, an accident, etc. I’ve been broken  — by the death of both of my parent in 3 month period, by a sickness, by a relationship that went sour, by a divorce, by having my job eliminated with a reduction in force, and other stuff.

Have you also felt broken?  Do things around you break? What do your do? How long does it take for you to bounce back and be stronger than ever? Has life given you a mysterious truth about what’s inside of you that helps you bounce back? Have you noticed when things get so bad that you go within and contact this mysterious power and miraculous things get better or they don’t feel that bad anymore?

Maybe it really is a good thing when things go bad?

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