All is Energy! Are you enthusiastic?

If you are not controlling your states of being then who or what else is doing that? If you’re not as happy as you like — then why not be happier? Wouldn’t it be nice to be happier?

You may be thinking — how sweet it would be to be even more happier and enthusiastic about little things all day long?

Be Enthusiastic about flowere

Happiness might be flowers

Being enthusiastic about things in your life is a great place to start. Here’s a reprint of a  recent article by a dear friend Krysta who is from Monroe, WA.

“The most fortunate people on earth are those who live most of their lives in a state of energizing enthusiasm.” -Earl Nightingale
What about you? What are you enthusiastic about? It seems that most of the everyday details of our lives are pretty mundane. Not many hours of our days are spent in activities that engender enthusiasm. Who can get enthusiastic about washing dishes? Or commuting to work? Or changing the oil in one’s car? Boring, right?
Maybe. Maybe not. Doesn’t it all depend on attitude? Is it the activity that makes us enthusiastic or do we imbue the activity with our enthusiasm? I’ve experimented with this and here’s what I learned.
I can be enthusiastic about anything. Enthusiasm can be called forth at will. This is life-changing. Imagine being able to be enthusiastic about taking out the trash. Or being enthusiastic about brushing the dog. If you could do this, how would your life change?
In a huge way, that’s how. By bringing this uplifting, highly energetic, positive spirit to everything we do, life becomes alive in an entirely new way. We don’t have to wait for something to come along about which we naturally feel enthusiastic. We can feel enthusiastic about whatever we’re doing at the moment. Then we will experience the truth of Nightingale’s statement above.
We will be energized and fortunate. Give this a try this week and see what happens!

Krysta Gibson
New Spirit Journal

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